Monday, July 25, 2022

Monday a cold spell

 Good morning dear Bloggers. Once again I missed Eileen's Saturday Critters post. But here I am. Instead I'm posting from a very chilly Monday morning. 

To answer a few questions regarding the high security fence within which The Bunker nestles. This holiday accommodation is at the top end of an estate which has ten residences on it. The owners of The Bunker, have their palatial home just behind that line of conifers lining the fence. The Bunker is to the left of the gate. 

The fence is unfortunately to keep unauthorized entry out! However, the wildlife is able to enter from the other side of the estate which is bordered by a river cascading down from the mountains. Deer, rabbits and monkeys run free on the property. 

The Bunker is very popular as it is safc, quiet and totally private. People enjoy the fact that their children can play on the very large lawn while still in sight of the parents sitting on the patio. It's pet friendly and regularly occupied for this reason as well. 

The Bunker at the far end of a large patio which flows onto a very, vcry spacious lawn behind me as I took the photo

Last week I had a young European couple who seem to be professional travellers. They have toured 76 countries in their short lives. They travelled through Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Lesotho before coming across the Free State to the Central Drakensberg last week. 

They checked in on Monday afternoon. That evening he asked me if I knew of suitable hiking areas in the Central Drakensberg. Many of my readers may remember how Grant and I hiked with a club when we first arrived in the Valley in 2017. I was able to link my guests (who turned out to be professional climbers too) to the leader of the club.

My friend, Caroline, who met them that day,  told me that these two young people urged everyone on the hike to let their friends know about the wonderful accommodation, The Bunker. They waxed lyrical about the attention to detail : chocolates on the towels; a large chocolate and welcome note on the table; the Continental breakfast and the fact that I, the hostess had arranged for them to meet up with a group of strong, local and friendly hikers. (Gaelyn will relate here...) 

I thought of cropping their heads (for anonymity) but that would remove the beautiful Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peaks behind them. Instead I used the vignette function



  1. Hello Jo,
    The Bunker sounds like a fabulous place to vacation. I would like seeing the wildlife and to take some hikes. The mountain views are beautiful, nice photo of the couple. Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  2. I am so happy to hear the bunker is doing so well and I am glad you explained the fence. they are a lovely couple

  3. What a wonderful advertisement. I have no doubt they will continue to extol the virtues of The Bunker.

  4. I loved hiking your beautiful mountains, especially with your son as my guide.


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