Tuesday, September 27, 2022

September is...

...Thandiwe's leave month. 

During the year, she keeps my little cottage clean. And up at The Bunker, Thandi and I have a great routine on cleaning after guests have checked out and next ones are due in. 

Of course, during September, I do it all myself. 

 I wash the linen as normal using the front loader washing machine my dear sister, Rose and BIL Pete, gifted to me two years ago. I hang the washing myself and then... it has to all be ironed. 

Not a big problem for me, but with loadshedding in South Africa, often the electricity only comes on at 5pm. And so there I was, banging my industrial iron down onto the kingsized sheets and duvet covers when everyone else in the world is relaxing. 

Cleaning the shower and bathroom

But I got through the month. Thandi has arrived back, and things will be easier. 

And while I am competent in all my chores, one thing I struggle with is DIY. Having had the most practical husband for 46 years, I have never had to change an electric plug or paste the carpet tiles down.

However, last month I noticed that the ironing board at The Bunker was not standing properly. Checking I saw both screws holding the folding leg, had fallen out. I visited the hardware store in town where a very   helpful assistant supplied me with the necessary.

Handywoman to the task! 



  1. I don't have any clothing that would require ironing.

  2. oh my, I fully understand... DIY is not in my genetics. Glad your helper is back and can relieve you of some of the duties.


  3. Way to go girl!!!!
    Wearing the pearls made me smile - you really have it all together!
    Glad your dear Thandiwe is back though, we gals always need helpful friends.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. My wife uses an iron for for some of her crafts that are made of cotton.

  5. I too am not good at DIY but the month of August I had to do a lot. I'm not done but too tired to continue for now as I had many small jobs. You did well to figure it out. By the way, it looks like you have a new hair do in the bottom photo and new glasses. I like them both!

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