Sunday, September 18, 2022

SIX years in Champagne Valley

 Good afternoon, dear Blogger friends. This weekend marks my sixth-year anniversary in the Champagne Valley. 

Anyone who has followed me since then, will know that I arrived on my son's farm with four cats and two dogs and my husband, Grant of 45 years marriage. Today only I celebrate this auspicious date with one dog, Skabby and one cat, Chappie, from that period. 

So much has changed. 

Suffice to say, I have emerged stronger and more resilient than I was in 2016.

I thank God daily for placing me in this wonderful place, the Central Drakensberg, embraced by all my supportive friends and the resources which are only available because of where I live. 



  1. Happy Anniversary my friend. You have certainly had a lot of life happen in the last 6 years and I agree that you live in a wonderful place with supportive friends and resources. God knew just what he was doing when you and Grant decided to make it your home. Much love. xx

  2. so happy you are happy there and that you still have Scabby and Chappie, you could not have landed in a better place. Hugs

  3. Happy Anniversary Jo! I am glad you are in a place with your friends and family nearby.
    Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  4. Wow, congratulations making this six years.

  5. Happy Anniversary and keep on going.

  6. Is that already 6 years ago that you arrived there ? Time flies by so quickly. I haven't found my way yet, ever since Rick died 4 months ago. I continue to live in my apartment but I have changed. I like to be alone with my only survivor of the past Rosie, my friends all disappeared, died or met a man and left the group. Only one stayed with me and she had a brain cancer and it doesn't look good. Well, it's already a bit better since I have been a week at the sea, but I am still busy with the notary and the succession, they are so complicated here ! I am the only heir so why do I have to make copies of thousand things they even asked me to name the illegal children of Rick, which made me laugh and our son too !


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