Sunday, November 27, 2022

Five years...

Good morning, dear Blogger friends. Today marks the fifth anniversary of my husband, Grant's passing.

I had a nostalgic afternoon on Saturday (after cleaning my accommodation!) going down memory lane looking through digital photos to commemorate the last 15 years of his life. 

In Guinea, West Africa, 2002 to 2006, Grant managed a fleet of heavy earthmoving gold mining vehicles
In bis element driving a 773 CAT 

At the end of 2006, when the mine closed in Guinea, Grant lead a convoy of mining vehicles and machines from Guinea, cross border, skirting the Western Sahara, along Sahel Desert to a working mine in Mali. The trip, much of it in the beginning, bushwacking, took him 53 days. The distance: 1800km

In Northwestern Guinea, he managed a spot of recreational fishing! 

Crossing the desert, you had to dress appropriately 
In Mali the road conditions improved. Grant took this photo of his vehicles successfully being delivered to the working mine

BACK HOME IN SOUTH AFRICA  - Just in time for our son's wedding. 
Apart from an adventurous spirit, Grant was always game for  - well, a game! Here he poses in a realistic wolf suit with our son Angus on the morning of his wedding 
Mere hours later,a gentleman to the hilt, and the father of the groom

We spent many happy days touring South Africa and the neighboring states on the motorbike 
On the longest hanging bridge, Nature Valley, Western Cape, circa 2009
Fastforward to 2012, Tanzania 

Grant, a Master Craftsman   designed and built a cat tree for our three cats
Contract manager of the diamond mine earthmoving plant

Back home in South Africa on retirement

Granddad playing peek a boo with the Littlest Hedges

Granddad pushed the same little lad through the town streets, with carols by candlelight 

With his 88 year old Mum on the way to have her cataract procedure

The move to the Central Drakensberg, 16 October 2016. This was the last photo of the Hedges family
Grant and I joined the mid-w eek hiking club. Here, Grant, then 66, Ant Muirhead, 76 and Alan Leggit stop on the trail for a chat

Grant and I joined Parkrun which happens on a Saturday.  After six years, I am still very involved in Parkrun, Here Grant and Alan meander towards the end

Grant discussing plans of the cottage with Amon the builder

Here Grant poses with me where I managed an art shop for dear friends, Estelle and Steve

Grant at the Breast Cancer Pink walk at the end of October 2017

Exactly a month later he passed away...



  1. Amazing photos and memories of your lovely, and I'm sure loving, husband dear Jo.
    I know you must miss him so much - he certainly appeared to be 'the life of the party' as well as a very hard working man.
    Bless you for being so strong and managing life in such a positive way since he passed on. May he always rest in peace.
    Warm hugs, Mary

  2. So many precious memories. Forever loved, forever missed.

  3. What a sad day Jo . Great memories you have ...always in our hearts lots of ❤ love your ever loving & longing sister xxxx

  4. Some beautiful photos dear Jo, along with some beautiful memories. I remember a lot of the photos but many are new to me. The one with the convoy of trucks on the way to Mali is very impressive. The beautiful photo of you and Grant dressed for the wedding is a real treasure. Happy memories of a life well lived. Rest in peace dear Grant.

  5. A lovely tribute to Grant. So sorry you lost him so early. You have done well to get on with your life even though you must miss him terribly.

  6. Oh my gosh. My eyes are watering big time. I'm sorry that Grant is gone. Loved the photos that you shared. The last one really brought it home. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  7. Hello, Jo
    Wonderful photos and memories of your husband! Take care, enjoy your day!

  8. A lovely tribute to Grant. You have done well to keep going.

  9. It looks like Grant lived his life with gusto and was very loved. Thanks for sharing these memories of him. I'm sure it still feels like yesterday for you. Warmest thoughts from Colorado, USA.

  10. I remember...It doesn't seem like five years. Sending hugs to you sweet friend!


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