Saturday, November 26, 2022

Praying mantis

OK OK... Here I am after 20 days' absence! I have been very busy with my various irons in the fire, not least the accommodation, it just has not let up. Which Thandiwe and I are very pleased about.

On Friday as we opened the Trellidor gate, I spotted a strangely colored praying mantis on the bars. Of course, I photographed it. And then before we slid open the gate, I carefully removed it and placed it on a plant in the garden.

According to Google, praying mantis can turn brown after they have molted.  In fact, (and I did not know this!) brown is the most common color of praying mantis after green. 

I also enjoyed the last two guests' comments in my visitor's book. The first couple was from the Northwest Province, South Africa. They stayed from Tuesday until Friday and had their 16-year-old Yorkie with them. 

Even more precious was the blessing which they bestowed on me...

The couple who stayed last night, were from the UK and waxed lyrical about how their stay at the Bunker has been the best on their recent four-week road trip through South Africa. 

Most edifying!

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  1. Both of the entries prove what a hard worker the two of you are and how much you care about the people who stay there I am sure that if it was anyone else taking care of it it would not have all these beautiful words for the two of you taking such beautiful care of that place

  2. How lovely that your guests showed their appreciation. I don't think I have ever seen a preying mantis in any colour except green.

  3. Well you must be doing something right to be very busy and to have such lovely comments left. Well done.

  4. It's great to get comments like that, it makes you feel good about the hard work you are doing. The praying mantis I never knew they turned brown either, I only seen green ones until this. Have a wonderful week, Jo.

  5. It's so wonderful that the Bunker has become such a popular spot for travellers. They all leave such marvellous comments that it inspires others to want to stay. I wish I could stay there myself in future :-)

  6. Well done. We will be in RSA next year, 2 months holiday so looking forward to it. Cheers Diane

  7. No we will sadly not be near the Drakensberg. We are staying with friends all over the place and all planned. Diane

  8. It's obvious you work hard to make for a pleasant stay at the Bunker.

  9. I love that they left you such nice comments.


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