Monday, February 13, 2023

The big SEVEN OH!

 Born on Friday 13th February 1953! 


That makes today my 70th birthday! And I've been blessed out of my boots!

On Saturday, when my boss, Mary arrived at Janda's Weigh-Less venue, she brought with her a huge bouquet of flowers (in a vase) with a personalized card signed by everyone at Weigh-Less HO. 

Flowers and card for my birthday! 
The card has beautiful messages from all at Head Office! 

Today I will be in the farm office for a while, then I am taking Skabby to the vet for a checkup. He needs to have the bandage removed from his foot. I intend to ask the vets to prescribe another course of cortisone as this will help ease the itch and irritation which causes him to scratch. 

On Tuesday I am hosting a luncheon at a local eatery called Waffle Hut. The owner is a Weigh-Less Goal Weight member and will do the catering.  40 of my members are attending a Weigh-Less meeting with a difference. We will weigh in before dinner; two Winterton members are making speeches and a third member from the Valley will speak a blessing over me and say grace before our meal. 

My DIL, Amanda designed the invitation...


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