Sunday, February 12, 2023

Travel and training

💥💬 Good evening, dear Blogger friends. Thank you for your kind concern for Skabby. He has improved quite a bit. However, I was away from home for four days. Although Thandi used the medical spray and powder on his wounds; Ronnie and John, my neighbors kept a close watch on his condition, I am sure he suffers from separation anxiety. I could see that he had scratched the one area badly again. And being home with him last night, it already improved. 

The reason for my trip away from home was to travel to the city of Pietermaritzburg to recruit Weigh-Less Group Leaders which had emerged from my Virtual Weigh-Less Group over the past year. 

What a challenge and what great excitement! I am a Weigh-Less Group Leader myself. The Chairman of Weigh-Less had offered me a Team Leader position in the company, but I prefer to remain a Group Leader. The co

For the first time in 12 months, I DROVE down the National Road, N3. A terribly dangerous freeway. It is bumper to bumper huge trucks; and being the lifeline between Johannesburg and Durban, our harbor city on the Indian Ocean, has hundreds of sedans, pickup trucks, mini buses and more traveling this route. 


I, a real country bumpkin, completed the journey safely and managed to do what I set out to do in Pietermaritzburg.

I first collected my Group Leader, Dalene from Howick and we travelled to Pietermaritzburg together.
I started training Janda, Carey and Dalene from 9am; we broke for a salad lunch; continued afterwards and completed training at 3pm

Dalene and I travelled back to Howick (30km up the hill!) and I launched her with her first meeting at 5.30pm

I had medical appointments for my annual checkups, on Thursday. I stayed with Grant's aunt, Gill who knows everything that has happened to me in the past five years. She accompanied me to the appointments and afterwards we spent the morning at the shopping mall.

On Saturday I travelled back to Pietermaritzburg to launch Janda's first meeting. We were thrilled that the Chairman and founder of Weigh-Less, Mary Holroyd attended this meeting. 

The new Group Leader, Janda, successfully delivered her first message with Mary Holroyd looking on

I arrived home on the farm at 2pm on Saturday. 




  1. wow, what a trip! glad you are home safely and that Skabby is better, he loves you so much because you love him. good job starting more meetings.

  2. forgot to say, that is an awesome photo of the two of you, two beautiful ladies


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