Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blog dashboard problem

Hi everyone!

Is it a universal blogger problem or is it just me? I constantly arrive on a screen which says: You are currently not following any blogs. Over six years of blogging I have sometimes been directed to that page, but another refreshing click on the blogger icon above and I'd arrive on my dashboard. Now it's not happening. 

Please, anyone out there: do you also have this problem and/or do you have a solution to my problem.

I look forward to hearing from anyone or more.


  1. There is no problem, it's just Bloggle Glogger who has its moods ! Perfectly "normal" happened to me too.

  2. it happens to a lot of folks off and on. i use a separate feed reader to follow blogs since the dashboard blog roll is not reliable. i use feedly. lots of folks like bloglovin, too.

  3. It happens to me every now and then as well...can be pretty annoying, but usually if I wait a while it clears up.

  4. when it happens to me, i close out and go back and sometimes it is there. if that doesn't work i go to Firefox and try it there... it happens every now and then and will fix its self...
    i love the Bloggle Glogger... comment. so true...

  5. ABSOLUTELY --there is a problem. I use the dashboard for my blog posts (rather than other ways which other bloggers use)... I have always had a little problem getting my blogs to come up--but recently,I'm having to click about 6-10 times (gets aggravating) in order to get them to come up....Don't have an answer. It's a Blogger Problem.

    If others say they are NOT having a problem, it's probably because they don't use the dashboard to get to their posts like we do. I tried Feedly and did not like it.. Some use Bloglovin--but I haven't switched to it yet... Might have to!


  6. It happens to me too and has been happening for some time. It usually corrects itself and like TexWisGirl I also use a separate reliable feed reader to follow blogs (like Bloglovin).

  7. Sometimes I have to refresh at least half a dozen times to stop that annoying nonsense!


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