Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend 20 - 21 Sept 2014

We had an action-packed yet but restful weekend. 

Apart from several birding trips into the bush (and this week I WILL post about them and other things - promise!), we also had the largest blast on the mine to date. Apparently 90 holes were drilled and filled with explosives. Grant asked me to come up to the viewing point to watch with him, Thys (production manager) Poena and Touro (production supervisors) and Riaan, the new planning manager for the client.

I set my camera on Scene. The countdown began on Thys' radio and as Stephen, blasting supervisor reached "ZERO", I clicked away. 

In the center of this photo is a rock; right next to it a puff of dust is appearing and going clockwise around the open ground. To the right of the photo, also near the rock, you can see red flames as the charges ignite
An image of the full blast with fly rock which can be dangerous if you're in its path! 

 And finally, all dust settles, the blasters move in to check every charge has gone off and life resumes as normal! 

Now a quick update on our pups: day five

I'm so proud of Princess who has turned out to be a wonderful mother. She feeds and cleans the pups, rests alongside them. In between, when they're all resting, she goes into the garden, runs around the inside of the fence and then settles down between where Michael is working and where she can still watch the shed. 

And of course, the cute factor increases tenfold every day!

I'm hot, leave me alone!

 I need the closeness of my blankeee! 

I'm hugging my sister
I love my mama! 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 


  1. Wow, I liked all the pups, so cute!!!
    Remember my dogs, old times, I used to have seven at home!
    Nice week!


  2. I love your mama to little one and the loving sister made me laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy... i would love to see the blast, i am kind of a fire bug and love things that go boom...

  3. those babies are adorable. amazing how a young pup such as herself can be such an amazing mother. and her devotion to michael at the same time. love that.

    the mine blasts - scary!

  4. I'd be the "leave me alone" one!
    Haha. Adorable photos.


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