Monday, September 1, 2014

Our first weekend back in Mwadui

Yes, our first week and weekend which heralds spring 2014, back on the mine and back in Mwadui. And guess what we did  over the weekend? 

 Returning along the mine road from one of our bird outings this weekend

Yes, we went out birding -  several times and we saw many interesting birds, moongoose and dik dik ! As it's officially spring in the Southern Hemisphere today, there were many young amongst our sightings.

More about our birds later this week.

Meanwhile I baked a couple of loaves of brown bread and also a few hamburger buns for Grant's dinner on Saturday night. I also made the hamburger patties from scratch (no pre-bought, flat, frozen patties for his nibs!)
 One of the two brown loaves I baked. I gave the larger one to Thys. He's trying to eat healthily and I thought I'd help him! 
 The other brown loaf which I will eat during the week. The hamburger buns were for Grant's dinner on Saturday night

I wish you all having a really great week. 


  1. I can smell that bread from here . . . wish i could join you in a slice or two.
    Jo, the tests were for the blood supply to my heart muscle and showed no problems there so I need more to find the cause of various symptoms. All goo, so far I'm still around and blogging !

  2. I have been trying to 'perfect' my bread making for years; still searching for that perfect loaf. My real problem is that there is a small bakery about 10 kms away that makes the world's very best. Hardly worth trying to compete!

  3. bread is my favorite food, that makes pizza and burgers right up there with bread. this bread has me drooling

  4. I enjoy the smell of the freshly baked bread ! Ever since I have my machine I bake each two days, Mr. G eats now the double of bread, lol !

  5. Yum... Your bread looks delicious. We make homemade bread --and limit ourselves to 1 piece every other day.. (We are continually watching our weight/eating.)

    I thought you'd go birding soon after getting home. I'm sure we will see some photos soon.


  6. Nothing fills a house with a better aroma than baking bread. Looks yummy.


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