Sunday, September 21, 2014

Strange sounds in the Hedges Kitties' garden

Hi Lindy and all mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose and mum has told me I have to do a puppy update. 

Unca Shadow, what's a puppy? Oh, is it one of those creatures making squeaking noises in the garden ?

All this started earlier this week when Askari Zechariah knocked on the bedroom window (waking all three kitties draped across our yoomen's bed) Then mum was busy outside until it warmed up much later that morning. She came in sometimes and when dad asked how many, she'd say "four" then "five" and eventually "SEVEN" 
 Early hours of the morning kitties were awake!  

What is a "seven", Unca Shadow? Seven bowls of kibbles? Mmm. Oh, seven of those creatures squeaking in the garden shed!  
  Inside the dog shed : seven sleeping creatures mum calls puppies
Princess, the doggie who came here as a puppy, now has puppies of her own
Uh-oh he's so small!

Mum's blog friends say they like seeing the puppies growing, so this was my update on them. I think I've done my share! 

Have a purrfect day from all of us here in Mwadui: Ambrose, Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger  


  1. Nice post Ambrose. Thanks for the update on the puppies. I hope you are not jealous of the time your mum spends with the puppies instead of you.

  2. I can't wait to see their eyes open and here what they will be named... you did a great job with the update Meow Meow

  3. Thanks for the update, Ambrose.. The puppies are so cute. They seem to have grown already..Have a happy day!

  4. LOVE the tiny white paws! adorable!

  5. Thanks for the update, Ambrose. I'm sending a big hug for Princess. Hope she is feeling well. Deb

  6. Awwww!!! Nothing better than new puppy smell!


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