Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life's tough in Africa

Once a week I visit my friend, Louise at her home,  to have my nails done. Three of us expat ladies have our nails done here. Louise does this for us out of the kindness of her heart. She doesn't charge; she brought in her own little UV oven; but at least she allowed us to each pay for our respective little pots of setting gel. 

Mostly it's only me and her on "my" day. But this week Louise is going out to SA on a month's break. So she had to fit all three of us into one afternoon. 

I arrived first and I asked Wessie, the only expat child on camp, to take a few photos of us as we're all being treated by his mum. 
  Louise buffing my nails before shaping them 

A few minutes into my appointment and Tilla arrived. She was booked for a pedicure.
While my nails were being baked, Louise swung around in her chair and started on Tilla's toes! 

 A few minutes later Marita walked in for her appointment. She was having her nails gelled just as I was.  Wessie had gone into the garden to play so I took the photo of Marita, Tilla and Louise. 
 Tilla and I were done; Marita had her first hand in the UV oven 

Apart from keeping my nails and toes well-groomed - even here in Africa - the mere get-together at our local "beauty salon" makes for a wonderful afternoon of a bunch of women chatting, laughing and enjoying each others' company. 

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I hope all's going well in your part of the world today!





  1. i've never liked manicures or pedicures, but the company would be nice. :) i hope your friend has a nice holiday.

  2. Oh, what fun, all three of you being there at once. Looks like everyone was enjoying Nail Day.
    I had been putting nail hardener on my nails and they grew quite long, but then I forgot to do it for a while, and they started breaking and ripping, as they do if not hardened. So now I have one very short fingernail, a couple of medium short ones, and two long pinkie-nails. I guess I don't use my baby fingers very much when doing household chores.
    I hope you and Grant and the animals are well. I've been a very poor blogger lately, and must get myself back at it.
    Hugs, K

  3. A fun look at your world, Jo!! Nothing like a "ladies day"! Hope you have a great week!!

  4. Hi, How is Princess doing??? No babies yet? Bet not--or you would have told us.

    Glad you have a good place to go and get your nails done. I used to do that (Paid for it though) ---but now that I'm retired, I don't do it any longer... I work in the dirt too much these days!!!! ha


  5. How nice of Louise to do your nails on all 4 paws ! and for you a good opputunity for a chat together ! I have to find a new pedicure not easy they are very expensive and she has to be a medical one then the health insurance pays a part when you are over 65.

  6. It is amazing what little things can be so enjoyable when an expat in a remote area..

  7. I don't have any fingernails, naughty me but how great is it to get together with friends, how fun!

  8. Jo, it is a nice treat to get together with some friends and enjoy each others company. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  9. this is great for all of you... i have never had one done.. you had fun and got your nails done, nothing better.

  10. Oh! No picture of the finished work?!Hahaa
    How fun!


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