Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Princess, her pups and garden birds

As the title indicates, this post is about Princess and her pups and birds... However, due to Internet issues (read very, very slow and not being able to upload photos easily) I am posting about Princess and the garden birds. 

Today the pups are one week old and doing exceptionally well. Princess has proved to be a jewel of a mother and the pups health and well-being vouches for this. 

 It's quite warm in the shed during the day, but there is ample ventilation so Princess and pups are very comfortable

The litter of seven clamoring to get at the milk bar! 

Not only is Princess feeding, cleaning and mothering them, in every sense of the word. She is wildly protective of them as well. Michael and I are permitted to work in the doggie nursery: Michael keeps the place scrupulously clean and replenishes Princess' water regularly. I am allowed to place her food bowl between her paws so she can eat while she, in turn, feeds her babies. I also stroke and cuddle the pups and of course, photograph them in all their cuteness. 
  Lately I've noticed that when Princess is out stretching a leg, she often hurtles past my window as if chasing something. Yesterday I checked and she was chasing something; several somethings, in fact! She doesn't eat much of her food that is brought from the Guest House (because I feed her so well!) so the sparrows, Cordon-bleus, crows and hadedas enjoy the spoils from her large feeding bowl. Normally the dogs don't mind sharing their food with the birds. But suddenly Princess is more concerned with the proximity of the long legs and beaks that the ibis yield, that she keeps them off the yard! 

 The peace-loving Ibis wouldn't hurt Princess' pups! 

 I'm linking this post to Wild Bird Wednesday which you can access by clicking here. Do your self a favor and visit Stewart Monkton's incredible blog and join in WBW to enjoy birding photos. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Well how cute are all those pups and she certainly is a good mother.

  2. Jo, the pups are just adorable! Princess is a great mommy..I am sure the Ibis would not hurt the puppies, but Princess does not know that..she is protective. Have a happy day!

  3. such a good mom, just being extra cautious. :)

  4. Aww, what a lovely family of cuties. This is the first time I have seen totally black ibis. Thank you.

  5. I admit honestly, that I am more interested in Princess mother life and the pups then in birds, lol !
    From what I can see it looks as if the father was a German shepherd if you have such dogs around, as they are all grey, but that can change !

  6. Precious puppies! Such a wonderful mom (and you two grandparents!) And the ibis are probably pretty confused, but she's doing her job well!

  7. Cute pups! you got us some great shots. :)

  8. What a good mother Princess is to those adorable puppies.

  9. Sweet momma dog chasing away the mean old pecking birds.


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