Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend of 6 & 7 September 2014

Of course, over the weekend we did a spot (well, several spots) of birding! But more about this later in the week.

On Friday night Grant had a function for the company expats. As the only woman on site, it falls to me to arrange the food. Fortunately, there is a competent staff in the Guest House, headed by Chef Paulo and ably assisted by Chef Michael Makongoro. They did all the preparations of the meat and vegetables which are cut into strips. These are placed on trays ready for each person to cook his own food outside later that night. I gave them a recipe for Mongolian BBQ sauce which  accompanies the stirfried meat and veg once grilled. 
 Expats socializing the lapa at the Guest House
 Manee and Dipen changing the music from South Africa to Indian songs! 
 Bibi and Babu 

On Thursday William, our driver was in Mwanza and bought me zucchini, sweet potatoes and spinach. I donated half the zucchini to the Guest House for the Mongolian BBQ. So far we've had  zucchini, sweet potato rounds and potato chips grilled in the oven with a sprinkling of olive oil and coarse salt. With this I wilted a portion of spinach (which Regina shredded) and served it with the oven-roasted vegetables and Grant's meat portion.
Spinach, zucchini and sweet potato

 On Sunday I made a spinach quiche for lunch and served it with homemade bread and a salad

On Friday I walked over to the  upholsters' workshops just across the town plain. Grant is having our lounge suite recovered, and had chosen a red brocade for the new covering. 


 I  asked our tailor, Mr Cheddy  buy any lounge suite material as long as it was green and gold or gold and green. This, BTW, was only other choice apart from a plain and very dead brown! 

Afterwards I popped in next door to consult with local carpenter, Stanley about revamping the garden shed for a decent sleeping habitat for Princess. I'm also keeping our little pregnant pup here in the garden to have her babies. The pregnant dogs normally go to the workshop kennels to have their pups.  But Princess is so attached to Michael askari during the day, to Zecharia, night askari, and to me permanently, that she would break out of those cages and try to return home.  Fortunately Grant arranged with security that I  keep Princess here for her confinement. 

 Stanley measures Princess' maternity ward. Joshua is the stand-in askari on Michael's day off. Because he hand feeds Princess with dog biscuits, she is trusting him more
Stanley is building a wooden floor which will keep Princess off the damp ground. Michael and I will line the floor with thick plastic and we'll add a blanket after the pups are born 

Princess, showing definite signs of her condition, enjoys a drink from the bucket of water

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.




  1. it is so easy to forget how we have things at our convenience in the states that you do not, there.

  2. Dear Jo, you feed the men so well and so healthy. Good for you! I marvel at the size of that spinach. It is truly robust compared to what I buy here. I do love zucchini and sweet potatoes too which seem to come in all sizes here.

    Princess is well taken care of. Thankfully she will remain at the compound where she is comfortable and familiar with everyone. xx

  3. The expats are lucky that I am not the only woman on site. I would be hopeless at what you do. The veggies look nice and fresh and the quiche delicious. You should be awarded a medal for kindness to animals.Princess is a lucky dog.

  4. I am happy to hear Princess gets to have her babies at home. when are they due? do you know? I love sweet potatoes any way they can be cooked... all the food looks and sounds good to me.


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