Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Princess in waiting

Excuse me if I seem a little distracted tonight. The fact is that I am! Here it's 20 past eight at night and I'm sure Princess is going to deliver tonight. Well, I actually hope so. Let's get this thing over and done with! 

This morning at eight, Michael left the yard to collect his chai/breakfast over at the Guest House. At first Princess ran trotted (she can't run anymore) along the reed fence. Then she came and lay at my front door and yodeled. Really yodeled equaling the best of Swiss yodelers!  
He's gotta be here, he's gotta be here! He was here a minute ago!

...where AAAAARE you? 

Yoohoo, Michael, I can see you! 

 MICHAEL!! Where have you been? Don't you know I am needy? 

Then she did exactly what blogger friend, Sandra said their dog did way back in 1972: Princess refused to go into her maternity ward. No matter how we try to coax her in with kibbles and meaty bones. At one stage I even sat down inside the hut and called her. She just dug her paws in and refused point blank to enter the maternity ward. Instead a few minutes later Michael called me to see that she'd dug a deep hole under our water tank, and was wedged in underneath. I left her there for a couple of hours, then Michael and I gently pulled her out and he pushed several large rocks into the openings. No problem to our hormonely-challenged  pooch: she dug a hole against the wall of the house and lay there panting. 

This evening just before dark, Michael and I carried her hammock-style in a blanket, quickly placed her inside the maternity ward and just as quickly shut the door. When Zechariah arrived at 6.30 for the night shift, Michael asked him to sit at the door of the hut and to call me (Bibi) should Princess show signs of labour.

  Princess waiting inside the hut which we made into a maternity ward for her. She's not too happy but not that keen to get out either. We're just hoping and praying (and of course, waiting!) that she will show us what she's made of tonight!

Moto and Zechariah on guard outside Princess' hut 

Zechariah has promised to call me if anything begins to happen tonight! 

As my friend, Gattina says, we should be guessing how many babies she'll have. I agree (and hope wholeheartedly) that Princess produces four pups!

Now I'm going to try and do my birding post for tomorrow. 



  1. oh, it does sound like she's very close... i hope all goes well and glad you have friends to watch over her!

  2. My thoughts are with her. I hope it is over now and all went well. Bless her little heart. Hugs

  3. they are on the way, i am guessing 6 pups... and it is instinct for them to dig, they can't help themselves. after she has them she will move them if she is not locked in. our neighbor dog had pups, they locked her in, she climbed the fence carrying them one at a time. moved all of them out under a bush.

  4. Aw poor Princess. I hope she has her pups tonight too so all of you can rest and find homes for the litter. I didn't realize that dogs became so needy when they are expecting. As a child we mostly owned male dogs. xx

  5. Princess seems like she has some wonderful people caring for her and her soon to be pups.. I going out there and GUESSING 5 pups. I can not wait to see them!

  6. Puppies...yay.


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