Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunrise over East Africa

And a puppy-update, day nine!

Yesterday we were on our way to Mwanza for Grant to fill a dental appointment. Halfway to the city, the sun arose over the African veld.

We had a full program in Mwanza and only arrived home after 5pm.  
 Princess had missed us as much as I'd missed her and the pups

As soon as I'd kicked off my heels, I went outside to the dog shed to check on the pups.

Of course, they were asleep.

 Oh mama, life is so good!

This little mite (the first-born) has tiny slits in its eyes already!

Mum, am I still a good Mama? 

As I snapped Princess' picture above, she turned her head, spotted danger and took off into the distance!
Princess in hot pursuit of a Sacred Ibis who dares to set foot in her yard!

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  1. Those puppies are absolutely adorable and look like they are doing well.

  2. i adore that little princess mama! and her cute little bunch of furry slugs! :)

  3. Hi There, We are home from several days in Texas visiting family/friends. If you haven't seen my blog post today, check it out.. We had a wonderful time--but came home very TIRED.... ha

    Glad to hear that Princess and the pups are doing fine... I had been wondering about them. SO cute... AND Princess is a great Mom.

    Beautiful sun/sky pictures.


  4. A glorious sunrise and I do SO LOVE the pics of the little pups! They're so adorable and I do miss my Sam Schnauzer!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty, Jo!! Have a lovely weekend and give the doggies a pat for me!!

  5. Those pups are so cute and you took great close ups. I love how Princess is so protective!

  6. She is a good dog mum ! She chases away all dangerous intruders !
    The pups are each day more cute ! I can't wait until they open their eyes !

  7. Jo, a lovely sunrise.. And Princess and her pups are just adorable.. I love the cute puppies. It is nice to see them growing up each day.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend!

  8. The sky is always full of beauty and your sunrise is proof! What adorable little pups, too!

  9. Olá,

    Lindas fotos! Beijos!

    Eliane - Brasil

  10. Adorable pups and a stunning sunrise.

  11. Spectacular sunrise...and Princess and her sweet and adorable. Just look at the trust and love in her eyes!!!

  12. The sky is amazingly beautiful and the puppies are adorable!

  13. They all look healthy. Princess is a good Mama.


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