Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good Fences, Good Dogs

I couldn't think how I would find a fence to post along with Princess and her pups on day eight! Then I remembered that Grant had arranged for the workmen to come and erect a fences around the pups' shed. I had asked him to have this done. Once the pups eyes open and they begin to move around more, they will leave the hut and want to explore. 

Even though Michael and I will let them romp and run around our huge garden, I want to train them, that when they've had enough exercise, they will be herded into their fenced off  area. It will be quite large enough for seven puppies to play with each other and when tired, to flop down in the shade, or meander back into the hut to sleep. The area is 5meters x 2.5meters with a gate which Michael will keep closed at all times. 

Sekaminya and his team of three arrived at 8.30 yesterday morning.  Once they'd sunk the poles, and laid the chicken-wire on the ground to measure it,  I went out to check on the proceedings. I reminded him that he had to leave an opening for a gate. He asked me how big should the gate be, When I said I need to fit through it, he picked up the metal tape measure and held it in front of me, between my waist and hips. He checked the tape, nodded and said: Mmm, 24 inches; that is how wide I will make the gate!

The whole day Princess watched the proceedings from either the inside of the hut where she was feeding the pups, or near the outer fence while she was taking a break. The pups, they didn't turn a hair!

Sekaminya, sun shades on head and his team

Sekaminya starts to measure up ...

 ... Princess watches from the background
By 4pm the fencing was almost complete 

 Sekaminya checks the tension of the fence
And throughout the entire construction process, the pups slept ...
...and slept...
...and slept!

I'm linking my post on fences, Princess and her pups, to TexWisGirl's  meme which you can visit here

Hope you're all having a wonderful week.


  1. Such cute little guys, Jo!! Love your photos!! Thanks for sharing, I do miss my Sam Schnauzer!! Have a great rest of the week!! Enjoy!

  2. The team did a good job. It is a great way to keep track of the puppies. They are so cute and Princess is a good mother .

  3. well that fence is going to be great for the pups when they get a bit bigger. They are so cute, sleeping!!

  4. Funny, puppies do sleep a lot.. They are so cute, I love them all. The fence looks nice for princess and her pups.. Have a happy day!

  5. all of your photos except the sleeping pups have a fence in them. i love the one of Sekaminya with Princess over his shoulder. great shot of her to... i really enjoyed your fence story.. wish i could fit through 24 inches..

  6. oh, that's a nice enclosure for them to keep them protected! laughed at the measuring of your 'slip through' needs for a gate. :)

  7. That's an excellent idea ! I see you think about everything ! The pups look so cute, just like little toys ! I don't mind to see fences I prefer the pups by far !

  8. How sweet are those little puppies. So cute. It's great to know you have a safe fence to help protect them. How nice to have these men come to help build it for you.

  9. Love those little puppies and the great fence.

  10. Those little puppies are too cute! I like the way the width of the gate was measured - very practical and hands-on!

  11. This will be a great place for Princess and pups.

  12. such a wonderful post, thank you!


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