Monday, September 15, 2014

Princess' maternity ward ready

This weekend was restful as always. A spot of birding, Saturday night visit to the club with friends, more birding on Sunday; light lunch; having to listen to MotorGP on the telly while I sit at my laptop...
Meanwhile we're all waiting, waiting for Princess' pups to arrive. The gestation period for a dog is nine weeks/63 days. So if I calculate back to when she escaped - I remember the exact date - 9th July, she is due anytime this week ! 

Stanley, our fundi carpenter completed the floors, added a small edge at the door to prevent the new-born pups from falling out and added a door stopper so that the door remains slightly ajar.  
 The maternity ward in readiness for the arrival of Princess' pups sometime this week

 From this angle you can see the small plank border on the floor and the door stopper (lighter wood)  in the top third of the photo

Meanwhile Princess is clinging more and more to Michael, our day askari  and whining every time she sees me! Poor little pup, who's going to have pups of her own! 
 Princess hangs around me if I go into the garden to photograh birds

Mmm, mum, this water is delicious! 

So all that remains now is for the pups to arrive. I have our huge flashlight fully charged, gloves at the ready and instructions for Zechariah, night askari to call me if anything begins during the night! 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 



  1. poor young thing. hope all goes well!

  2. I do wish her all the best. I hope everything goes very smoothly for her. Let's hope, too, that there are only a couple of pups. Deb

  3. Such excitement --waiting for the big birth.... I hope everything goes okay ---and that you will have a bunch of puppies running around soon... Keep us posted.

  4. You are just going to love looking after those puppies. Hope Princess manages okay. She is lucky to have her own maternity ward.

  5. cant wait to see the puppies. back in 1972, we did the same thing for our dog shadow, made the dog house ready for her to have them. she had all 11 of them UNDER the dog house, she dug a hole, dropped them one at a time in the yard and carried them UNDER the dog house....

  6. Looks like you have it all ready. Wonder what the pups will look like. And what will you do with them?

  7. How exciting! I hope all goes well for Princess and her pups.. I am looking forward to see her babies.. Have a happy day!

  8. You are certainly prepared!

  9. I hope all goes well and she and the pups are happy and healthy.

  10. The future mother looks well, and the maternity room too ! Hope everything goes well ! Now we should bet how many puppies she will have ! I guess 4 !

  11. Can't wait for pictures!!!!


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