Friday, February 6, 2009

After More Wonderful Rain!

Tulbaghia violacea (Wild garlic) planted in great swathes, are always eye-catching and create an effective border or bedding plant

Last week it began to drizzle on Tuesday afternoon. It drizzled harder and continously through the night. Wednesday morning dawned grey, overcast and cold. Before midmorning it began to drizzle again and drizzled from then until early on Friday morning. I don't know how many millimeters/inches of rain was measured; all I know is that the soaking rain was welcomed by all. The farmers, the business owners, the bank manager (!)the gardeners (c'est moi!) and the earth.

Quiet reflections...

My bit of wild garden which I leave to grow naturally
Every Friday the gardening service team comes into my garden, mows the lawn and trims the edges. I have one patch of grass (pictured above and below) where John and I are creating a natural garden behind my third pond. I've strewn rocks along the edge of the pond to reminiscent of the banks along a mountain stream in the Drakensberg. When I asked the Induna (supervisor) to ensure that the mowers do NOT mow that section of grass, he looked at me, removed his cap, scratched his head, looked up at the sky, replaced his cap and looked at me again. Wordlessly he shook his head and went off to issue this instruction to his team mates.
This is my own piece of mountain stream environment. The Robins and Thrushes love this undergrowth and spend ages here rootling around for food


  1. Oh, Jo your garden is just SO beautiful - thanks for sharing some more lovely photos with us. I love the way you are recreating a little piece of the Drakensberg in your garden - very clever & very effective, too :)
    (P.S. Welcome back ! Hope you had a good & fruitful trip xx)

  2. Wow, what a wonderful garden you have!


    Best wishes, Annie

  3. Thanks Lynda, you are so kind. Yes, we're back from a wonderful trip to the Cape; lots of photos and blogging material! Hugs Jo xx

  4. Hi Annie, welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comment. Hope to see you around more. Jo

  5. I bet that head gardener is telling everyone about a crazy lady who wants to leaves the grass grow wild! it is a lovely idea Jo to have a little left to nature.

  6. LOL! Peggy, yes, I'm sure the he has related this yarn to his friends in the township. Over the years I've had some quizical expressions when I say don't step on the snails, don't batter the frogs with a rake (this is normal practice if you don't stop them) and do NOT kill snakes in my garden. Yes, my natural bit of mountain garden is looking great! Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo


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