Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Labrador

Angie and Clarice OR Odie and Garfield?
Picking flowers

"I spy with my little eye"
or ...
...versus Spy?
Ladies, queue here for your daily dose of "Shine-a-Coat"
Sometimes forcibly administered!
Whoo-hoo! Time for water aerobics!
Now ladies, limber up!
Get rid of that double chin, girls: grip a plastic bottle and chew!
Megan, here's how to have a svelte figure like mine: s- t- r- e - t - c - h

Thanks, I know I'm beautiful


  1. Angie is so cute! She looks like she's best buddies with Clarice. What adorable, funny photos.

  2. Oh yes ! She's beautiful alright - just look at those eyes ! Thanks for sharing Angie's day with us, Jo ....

  3. Thanks Dedene, I am really enjoying our pup and she's fitting in nicely. Hugs Jo

  4. Thanks Lynda, I'll pass the compliment onto her nibs who as you can see does not suffer from poor self-image! Hugs Jo

  5. Hi Jo! Sorry for not having been around for a while to comment but the Internet's been down, because the cable was leaking electricity into the rest of the building... and we've had our share of accidents this year! The problem's been fixed, or shall I say moved to other parts of the city? but here I am! :-)
    Angie is absolutely gorgeous! Sheba says that she and Angie would have so much fun together! She also adds that she would be happy to learn some tricks from her, and in return she can teach her how to chase goats! Unless Retrivers already know that by heart... :-)

    Greetings from West Africa!!!

  6. Hi Esther, thanks for popping in. I'm glad your Internet/electrical problem is sorted. Hoo boy, I think Sheba and Angie would make a fine pair. It's such a pleasure to have an intelligent and family dog around. I'm sure you feel the same about Sheba. I simply loved your photos when she met the Brandy family. You are very clever catching the right expressions and actions on camera not to mention the very appropriate captions. Have a wonderful day in West Africa. I wish I was there... Hugs Jo


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