Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun in the Garden

C'mon, Eddy. Let's play...Whoohoo, this is fun!

Mmm, John, are you sure this is compost?

For more images of pets around the world, go to Pet Pride


  1. Cute puppies, Jo... I can tell that they are NOT spoiled at all!!!!! ha ha

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Our dog Faith loves to visit our open compost pile to pick up snacks of peels and rinds. Even in winter, when they're frozen.. they make good toys that she can nibble on every now and again.

  3. Ha, Betsy! Have a good weekend too!

    Hi HisFireFly;) Angie also often picks out bit of orange peel or shrub roots and then chews them up all over the front lawn. She is still SUCH a pup even though she's supposed to be grown up now. Thanks for visiting my blog. Bless you.

    Hi Esther;) thanks! Your seven pups are BEAUTIFUL. Have a good weekend. Hugs Jo

  4. They sure are having fun.

  5. oh wow! that sure is fun! i love rolling and playing in the grass too!

    Pet Pride

  6. Hi!
    They look like they are having a wonderful time rolling and playing! Have a great day!


  7. Ah, what fun to roll on your back on the sun warmed grass. Great post and captures Jo.

  8. Hi diane, sherrie, Bozo and Gaelyn: we had a great time rolling in the grass! Thanks for visiting. Angie and Eddy.

  9. I've been seeing them here.
    So playful:).

  10. Regina, Angie and Eddy are the best of friends. I have three dogs but Megan is eleven years old and stands on the sidelines and watches. At odd times she joins in but seems to tire quickly! Hugs Jo


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