Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily

Emily proudly displaying the cake I had made for her at the local bakery, as I do every year. She and I popped downtown to collect and the entire staff in the bakery came out and sang to her. Sweet huh? Afterwards we went to the cafe and  bought a couple of litres of soft drinks and some sweets/candy for her two grandchildren. Her children - two from Johannesburg and one from a small town in the Cape, are  visiting her at the moment and she says she won't be going to bed until after midnight! Great excitement at the Mkhosi household today

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you might remember me speaking often about Emily, my stalwart house-lady. Emily came to me in July 2002 and asked for a job as a cleaner. Many people lost their jobs when minimum wages were made law in this country. Emily was one of them.

When I went to live in West Africa in 2004 (and stayed for three years) Angus was still unmarried and lived in my home. Emily kept house for him and cared for my pets. I returned to South Africa and stayed home for the next three years. When I went to live with Grant in the Sudan, Emily assumed total responsibility for my entire household (by now Angus was married and lives down the road from our house) She cared for my six cats and three dogs as well as I do when I am home. She also supervised the gardeners and payed their wages for me at the end of the month. It was always a great pleasure to arrive home from a third-world country and walk into my home which was fresh and clean, the windows sparkled and the bed-linen was crisp and inviting. Of course,  the animals were well-fed and happy.  All Emily's doing.

Emily was the first baby born in the Free State on New Year 1953. She and I are exactly the same age but because it's my birthday in February, I always tell Emily she can give me orders for the next six weeks as she is older than me! Emily has a good pension fund which I set in place soon after she became permanent with me and will be retiring sometime within the next year.

I thank God for Emily who has looked after our household for the past nine years and wish her the best for 2011.



  1. A New Year birthday, wow! And quite the celebration, too. Super cake.
    I haven't been following your blog as long as some others, so I've wondered about your house and your animals. I knew someone had to be taking good care of them, and now I know who. And now I know your age, LOL. You're six months younger than my sister, so that's easy to remember.
    Thinking of you and wishing you all blessings for 2011.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Happy Birthday Emily!!!!!

    I remember many times you've mentioned her and you've been very lucky indeed. But then so has Emily.

  3. ♪♫ Happy Birthday Emily! ♫♪
    Dear Jo,
    A very Happy New Year to you and your family, I wish you the all the best for 2011.
    ☼ Sunny

  4. What a gem she is. Happy Birthday Emily. You will miss her when she retires.

  5. How wonderful to have someone like Emily to assist you and on whom you can rely. I would love someone like that! I'm so happy to hear that Emily also has a good pension fund for when she retires. God bless you Jo for being such a good friend and employer to Emily. I see she looks so happy and the cake looks so delicious. Happy New Year my friend :-)

  6. What a wonderful friend and housekeeper Emily is for you, Jo. You have a compassionate heart and it sounds as though you bring out the best in people, as you have done for Emily. What a blessing each of you is to the other.


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