Friday, January 21, 2011

Skyline starlings

"Just sit tight, Laddie. Dad will be here soon with the next  snack." The female Red-winged starling, to tht left had just fed the young bird here and flew off  to fetch more food

"There now, Laddie. Dad brought you a tidbit" (Male Red-winged starling arrived to feed the hungry youngster)
"Mother, where are you? Are you bringing more food?"
Cluck cluck, patience dear. Here I am,  slaving over a hot stove with your dinner!

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  1. Hi Jo, The birds do such a good job with their young, don't they??? I love watching them feed the little ones. You got some great pictures!!!

  2. Delightful, Jo, the photos and also the captions!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Great captures Jo. They seen to be quite a bit bigger than the European starling. So pretty with the red on their wings.

  4. Great shots and good commentary.

  5. Starlings are such greedy birds, aren't they - even more so as fledglings ;) Those parents will be working overtime to feed their big baby!

    Starlings tend to get so much flak, don't they? So many folks dislike them, as they are reputed to carry lice and chase them away...but I love all birds and I think starlings sing so beautifully.

    Lovely capture, Jo and great captions!

  6. Jy is SO goed met woorde, vriendin! Hou baie van jou foto's ook!! (((Ida))

  7. awww... you're pretty quick Jo, you captured it well... indeed...

    Great to be back here..

  8. Wonderful story around nice shots of birds.

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  9. Marvelous, delightful captures as always, Jo, and of course, I love your commentary! Wishing you a beautiful weekend with lots of smiles and laughter!



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