Saturday, January 22, 2011

We're off !

The Great Rift Valley
Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa

As my regular readers know, Grant and I returned from Khartoum, the Sudan, North Africa in October last year. We've been back home and enjoying our family, friends, garden,  pets and a glorious South African summer ever since.

However,  out of the blue last Tuesday evening Grant received a call [literally] from the past! A young man who'd been the Financial Manager on the Gold mine in Guinea, when Grant and I worked there, is now the General Manager of a mine in Kenya. He'd been in contact with their old company in Johannesburg who suggested he contacted Grant. So here he was offering Grant a post as AGM on this Kenyan mine. Of course, my husband, who's been champing at the bit to get back to work, jumped at the offer and immediately e-mailed this guy with his requirements.

We sat back, thinking it would be a few weeks before we'd have a reply; ages before the corporate wheels were set in motion. Not so.  By mid-morning on Wednesday Grant had a signed contract and return fligths for both of us. Yes, we fly out to Nairobi, where we'll be collected by the company driver and taken to the mine site. All in the middle of next week.  Grant will go to out to work while I  stay in a company house. I'll be online and intend to write, blog and visit other blogs to my heart's content. And take millions of photos.  We're very excited as we've never been in East Africa - apart from flying in and out of Ethiopia en route to the Sudan - and look forward to seeing the birds, wildlife and flora of this beautiful African country.


Kenya is a country in East Africa, lying along the Indian Ocean. To the southeast, Kenya is bordered by Somalia;  to the northeast, Ethiopia;  to the north, Sudan;  Uganda to the west and Tanzania to the south.

I don't know exactly where the mine is situated, but it is situated in the Great Rift Valley and apparently Eldoret is the nearest large town/city. If you look on the above map under the letter "K" in Kenya, you will see Eldoret;  I'll be blogging close to this!

In the meantime we've had our vaccinations and shots updated and have many tasks to accomplish before flying out next week. Oh, this move, of course affects Shadow's whereabouts. More about this next week!


  1. That was fast. How far is it from your home base? And will you continue to go back and forth like you did before? You sound very excited about the move. It's good that you will be able to continue blogging and snapping photos. Can't wait to hear what is next.

  2. I was wondering what you'd do with Shadow... Can't wait to find out what will happen....

    Well---it was all quick, but you two love checking out other areas --so this will be a great opportunity for you both.

    Can't wait to see pictures from Kenya...

    Be careful.

  3. I am so shocked. I sent you an e-mail because I had too much to say.
    And of course I'm on pins and needles about where Shadow will live. Do you think he'd like to come to Canada?
    Seriously, I'm happy for Grant, and looking forward to hearing about Kenya.
    More in the e-mail.
    Luv, K

  4. Marvellous news Jo!!! My goodness you've got me so excited, lol. I stayed very near Eldoret when I was there and my friends live in Rift Valley. If you get a chance I'd really love for you to meet up after you settle in.

  5. Wow! This is awesome news. Heading out into a whole new life adventure.

  6. How marvelous for you! I will get vicarious thrills from your adventures. Safe travels!

  7. Oh Wow, Jo!!!
    How exciting!! I hope your stay there is just perfect!!
    Many blessings!
    PS I look forward to reading all about it!!
    PSS I Shadow going with you...loved the cat food story!

  8. Oh my goodness, Jo! But you appear to take this sort of thing comfortably & happily in your stride!

    It's good to know YOU'RE excited and thrilled at the prospect of a new adventure - and we'll all look forward to continuing to read your wonderful blog, sharing all those new sights with us :)

    WHO LOOKS AFTER YOUR HOME, GARDEN, ANIMALS WHILE YOU'RE GONE INDEFINITELY??? That would be the hardest part for me, my animals!

    Good luck with all the preparations/packing/organising etc. etc. So little time, so much to be done...Wow! You're a brave woman & a STAR of a wife to take it so well! I'm sure I'd be a wreck!

  9. Exciting news! Good on ya that you can just get up and go so quickly.
    Looking forward to learning about Kenya.
    The Rift Valley will draw a line between your blog and mine.
    Happy travels to you both.

  10. Your life is one constant adventure. I admire how you take it all in your stride. I guess you are used to it by now. My friend's daughter lives in Kenya. Her husband is a Safari Tour operator. I think they live in Nairobi. Looking forward to pics from Kenya.

  11. Wow ! so you will go again !
    I just catch up on your blog !


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