Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mountains, valleys and Rubber on the Road

Another photo from the back of the motorbike while travelling through the southern Cape in May

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  1. More gorgeous country.

    You're pretty good at shooting from the back.

  2. Great scenery with the hills and valleys and curves in the road. Must've been a wild ride.

  3. Wow, that is SOME road! Look out, world, here we come!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Beautiful scenery, Jo! Looks like a great place for the ride. Happy Scenic Sunday!

  5. I just love the back roads in our country. Those that have R before the number.

  6. wow...nice long shot...feels like going on a trip again

  7. How you managed to take this shot and not fall off the bike amazes me. I can see the tilt angle and it makes my stomach quiver. Awesome shot. You really did a supernatural job with this one,

  8. That looks like parts of California!

    I'm sorry I have been negligent in visiting your blog, Jo. I spend way too much time sometimes preparing my photos and doing my own posts and don't visit others.


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