Monday, June 6, 2011

Online shopping in the valley

 and other interesting facts.

Last week I posted about my monthly shopping trip to El Doret. In between, I make use of various methods to buy fresh produce and other items which are cheaper than in the city. For many vegetables and fruit, once a week I visit the market in Kimwarer Centre. I have posted about this before but for those readers who haven't shared my fruit and veg shopping experience in the valley, click here if you wish.

A typical scene in the fruit and vegetable market I visit every week

Last week Naomi also shopped on the second day of the market for me when there was a lot more to choose from. Among other things, she brought me tomatoes, spring onions, avocado pears, potatoes and red onions.

Naomi also assists me by buying the sliced bread (which only comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays) from the local shop, Tamils. This general dealer also stocks flour, sugar, ground nuts (peanuts) baking powder, margerine, cooking oil and eggs at lower prices than in town. Naomi brought me my monthly stock of dry goods (mentioned here), toilet soap, toothpaste and washing powder.

For our deli requirements I e-mail a list to Esther, who is the MD's secretary. She gives this to a driver going through Nakuru and I have my meat, cheese, butter and yoghurt delivered to the door when he returns to camp.

Donkeys are found all over Kenya. It's good to see them looking much fatter and better cared-for than their counterparts in other African countries. I love baby donkeys and never miss an opportunity to snap one. Don't you just love this little one?

Yesterday the school children in the valley planted 1000 indgenous trees

Ironically, while this important ceremony took place, the sound of chopping wood could be heard in the not-too-far-distance

Saturday was World Environment Day. Here's how we can all help conserve our world. Every little action against wastage helps.

Five commitments you can make to reduce your footprint:

1. Save electricity (turn off unnecessary lights, switch off unused appliances, use CFLs, and fit a geyser blanket).
2. Save water. Replace worn tap washers. Teach children to turn off taps after washing their hands.
3. Reduce waste (favour products with little or no packaging, re-use and recycle).
4. Buy smart (favour local, in-season produce. Only eat SASSI green-listed seafood and buy BWI wines).
5. Support WWF & other organisations that care for the planet.



  1. More bio than this is not possible, the good old markets of my grandma's time !
    When I think of the chemical stuff they put on the vegetables here !

  2. Your shopping experiences are even more complicated than mine. Love the look of all that fresh produce.

    Love the donkeys. We have an icon donkey/burro here at the North Rim.

    How wonderful to see the school children planting trees, but how awful to listen to the axe at the same time.

    It's good to be green.

  3. Oh, I love this post, Jo! The poor overworked world needs all the help each one of us can offer! It's wonderful to see the students planting trees...they will be good stewards of the land.

    I also adore the picture of the young sweet and healthy. We saw many domestic animals in dire need of water and food when we were there...a much harder life for people and animals than in our land of plenty!

    I'm so glad you stopped by my page last week. Blogger has been giving us a hard time lately, hasn't it?
    Do have a wonderful week, and I will pop back again is always a pleasure to visit with you...:)

    Imagination Lane

  4. The photo of the baby donkey is wonderful, Jo. Yes, there is something especially endearing about them.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. I love donkeys, too. (I used to lived in Andalucia where they are used a lot for transportation.)
    I love your system of emails/delivery services!

  6. Those critters are adorable!!

  7. Hello there,
    It always moves me to see our lives in such different environments.
    This really is an amazing meme.

  8. Sounds like quite an adventure, just trying to get fresh produce and supplies.
    Love the baby donkey. He does look very healthy.

  9. Its so interesting to see the genius of Africa at work. Necessity brings out the clever in you...buying food fresh in the market, having someone else shop for you (saving Rand) and getting food all the way from Nakaru!!!


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