Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The planter cannot contain the huge bougainvillea anymore. This beautiful shrub is in an open space, in the lane, below my garden boundary. I wonder who planted it here? 

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  1. It definitely looks too big for the planter. I'm amazed it's doing so well!

  2. Jo, this bush is beautiful. We have some beautiful trees and bushes around like this in the spring here. Ironically, I just did a post on them last night.

  3. It's gorgeous, Jo.
    I remember the first time I visited my parents and my little brother in Mexico. Robbie was 5 or 6, and he was showing me around.
    "Wow, Robbie," I exclaimed, what's the beautiful flower all over this wall?"
    "Oh, that? It's just plain old bougainvillea," he replied.
    Looking at your shrub and its pot, I'd have to guess the roots grew out of the bottom of the pot and into the ground.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. Definitely pot bound. I love the big vibrant blooms of the bougainvillea. I see them along the Arizona/Mexico border.

  5. Like kay I think the roots have escaped into the ground.It looks like it has been shaped. They usually grow in a tangled mess unless they are kept trimmed. They have beautiful flowers but huge dangerous thorns.

  6. I would say...don't mess with success!

  7. Oh my Goodness! You Know it's bound to be growing in the earth by now...That is GORGEOUS!
    I have one in my's pitiful!

  8. Hi Jo,beautiful flowers! What a terrific sight to see every day, often a plant whose roots are contained puts its energy into producing more foliage or in your case flowers.
    Some of the roots have more than likely escaped from the pot!

  9. Your bougainvillea is just beautiful, Jo! One of my favorites.

  10. Lovely bougainvilla! We miss the many flowers that flourished in our "shamba" in Kilimani, Nairobi.


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