Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Egyptian Goose

Last week after visiting the market, Sue and I drove to the dam for a spot of birding. She'd told me about a pair of Egyptian Geese with five goslings and wanted to show them to me. When we arrived, there was no sign of the little family. Nevertheless, we watched and photographed the other birds around the dam.

Malachite kingfisher
Grey Heron and it's beautiful reflection in the water
A small flock of Cattle egret wandering around on top of the pondweed in the dam!
African Grey Flycatcher; endemic to North East Africa. This is one of the most rewarding birds to photograph as it sits still for ages while you click away!

Then Sue located the family of Egyptian Geese on the other side of the dam. We walked quietly towards a mound on the bank above the birds and took up our positions to get really close photos.

The Egyptian Goose is a large brown waterbird with pink legs and a pink bill. It has a conspicous rufous patch around the eyes and a dark patch in the centre of it's belly. The genders are alike although the male has a thicker neck than the females.

Egyptian Goose male and five goslings
Papa Goose on duty
Male Egyptian Goose on the right of the photo (note thicker neck than female) and female with their fluffy family
Female Egyptian goose stretching her wings, with the male in the centre. An African Jacana shares the little bay with the Egyptian geese

The male Egyptian Goose stands protectively over the goslings while the female looks for dinner
And a close-up of three of the little ones...

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  1. I do love all of the wonderful photos of such gorgeous birds/ducks you have shared with us, Jo! What a delight! It's always such a delight to be able to get photos like these!! Hope your week is going well!


  2. Wow, Jo, I just love the shot where the female has her wings stretched. The white is completely hidden otherwise. And of course I like the goslings. Baby anythings are always so cute.
    Luv, K

  3. The goslings are precious. I saw Egyptian Geese at Kruger. That heron shot is spectacular! I sure like going birding with you.

  4. Great photos of all the birds. The Grey Heron reflected in the water is beautiful - but the Goslings are so cute!

  5. Such lovely birds and reflections Jo and the cattle egrets walking on the water weeds. The family of Egyptian geese are pure joy going about their business of raising their brood.

    Thank you for your kind good wishes, you don't know how much they are appreciated.

  6. Beautiful photos, Jo! The markings on those geese are fantastic.

  7. Hi Jo, great birds and post. I just love the Egyptian Geese and the babies. They are adorable. Great sighting. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Fabulous shots, especially of the gorgeous family.

  9. I love all the babies! Great shots Jo!!!

  10. Wonderful photos, Jo! The new cameras now are so much better than they were in my time. I regret that I didn't make (and keep) more pictures during my stay there. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a wonderful array of birds. You should have enough photos by now to start putting a book together!

  12. Wonderful photos of all the birds, but the geese and goslings are a special treat!

  13. What a great treat to see the Egyptian geese, fantastic bird! You had a wonderful day of birding for sure and got fantastic photos for your efforts.
    Thanks for sharing Jo!

  14. Wonderful shots! I really like the Grey Heron!

  15. Loving your photos,thank-you for sharing your life & photos with us,phyllis in usa

  16. Nice shots of the Egyptian Geese Jo! It looks like you had a great birding day. The goslings are so cute!

  17. I love seeing goose families! The Egyptian geese are beautiful and their little goslings are so sweet. We only have Canada geese at our lake--they are white and many shades of gray.

    Great shots of all those birds!


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