Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our World in the Valley

As mentioned in my Friday post, Stanley and I often walk along the mine road to collect plants for our garden. We also, on a quarterly basis,  visit the lady at the club with medication for her two dogs, Mbwa Moja/Dog#1 and Mbwa Mbili/Dog #2.  (Read here about our first visit to the dogs)
Mbwa Mbili not even fazed by our visit to his garden at the club! (I didn't see Mbwa Moja that day)
We left the club property and walked a little further down the road to the general dealer store
I needed salt, flour, plastic packets which are all available from Josephine (above) who owns this shop. I also bought a dozen pancakes: sweet dough cakes which have been deepfried and bear no resemblence at all, to pancakes. I gave the treats to Naomi and Stanley to share when we got home

While I was chatting to Josephine, a small goat was bleating behind the counter. I asked her if it was a pet, but she said no, it just wanders in and out of the shop. She lifted it onto the counter so I took a photo!
Then Stanley and I walked back up the hill to the camp
As we strolled along the lane to our house, I heard the screech of a parrot. We stopped and Stanley who is very good at spotting birds, pointed to the Meyers Parrot in the tree above us
As we passed my neighbour's house, I heard an African Green Pigeon's call. Stanley and I walked to the Wild Fig Tree and spotted a pair of these beautifully coloured birds on a branch above us. Of course we spent another fifteen minutes there while I clicked away
When I walked into the kitchen the cats were waiting for their lunchtime snack!

For more scenes around the world, click here (Thanks to Gattina, Arija, Lady Fi, Sylvia and Sandy for keeping this meme going)


  1. Such a wonderful, delightful trek with you in your world, Jo! Love your captures, the people and the animals! Thanks for sharing with us!! Have a great week!


  2. Stanley has a good eye to see those beautiful green birds amongst the foliage.

  3. definitely another world. splendid, nevertheless. I think there is something to discover every day, even after all these years of living in Africa! greetings from Austria!

  4. How deliciously different your world is to mine . . except for the dirt road, we live at the end of one.
    So interesting to see that your parrots and pigeons are such similar colours.

  5. This post made me realize I miss Kenya! I long to see the wild animals, the green trees, the goats getting in the way, the cattle on the roads, the bicycles loaded down with goods, and the little shops selling this and that. I love all your photos dear Jo.

  6. What a delightful post. Love that goat!

  7. Hi there - you really do live in a different world to me!? - well sort of anyway.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. Hi Jo, I enjoyed your walk to the store and back. The dog and goat are cute critters. The fried dough looks yummy. And I love the parrot and the green pigeon is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

  9. That sure is a shop with a difference compared with city stores. It is great that she has what you need, and a goat to boot. The parrot and pigeons are a beautiful colour.

  10. I love this post, Jo !!
    I'm crazy about cats and dogs... and what a beautiful name is that, Mbwa Mbili.
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  11. A bleakish insight into life in East Africa. I imagine that folks live as folks must live. On the other hand, everything you see has value to someone. I am thinking of the big sterile houses in North America, with all of the mod cons that hardly connect with the inhabitants. The goat made me think of a favourite dish of mine. I am a horrible man. Yes, it is cute and the story that goes with it reveals a tenderness.

  12. Hahahaaa....great shots Jo but that Last one is a hoot!!
    They know when Momma is home!!

  13. Beautiful story beautifully told, Jo! The pictures were great. Like Penny, I miss all of the things you describe here. Je! Mbwa Mbili - ako mkhali? Obviously not. ☺

  14. I came here to see if you were settled in your undisclosed location and posting again, and I see I missed your post for Our World Tuesday.
    I love the photo of the baby goat, Jo. How cute. And of course the cats. I hope they are well.
    Oh, and of course I hope you and Grant are well, also, but at least you knew what was happening. Shadow might have had an idea, but it must have been a shock to Ginger, and not much fun for Ambrose.
    Looking forward to finding out more about The Case of the Wandering Hedges.
    Luv, K


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