Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monkeys in my garden

Some readers may remember how at times I've posted about the monkeys my garden. I always mention that though they are very human-like, funny and the babies are cute beyond description, they can also be a terrible nuisance. Although I have a variety of fruit trees in the garden, we never get to enjoy the ripened fruit ourselves. The monkeys pick a green fruit, take one bite and throw it down on the ground. Often a whole branch with several fruits still attached is dislodged and hurled to the ground. They also rob birds' nests of eggs so we have no fledgelings or birds sitting on nests in the many trees in our garden. They're also very inquisitive and will enter the house if they smell/see fruit or bread on your kitchen counters. I have screen doors which successfully keep them out, but others on camp keep their main doors closed to avoid illegal monkey entry!

Nevertheless, these primates are well worth watching and have provided me with hours of mirth and photo opportunities over the past year.  Last week I watched several mothers and babies on the lawn. I had to take the photos through the window else the monkeys grab their babies, turn around and scamper off. It was also almost dusk so the lighting was against me. I think you get the picture though, if you'll excuse the pun!
Two female blue vervet monkeys with their very small babies

This mother noticed me at the window and turned her back on me!
In between snapping away at the mothers and babies, I couldn't resist a shot of this adult monkey who seems to be grinning at something in his hand!

Scratching mom's back!

Practicing climbing skills
I'm staying with mom, where it's safer!

More interesting discoveries

Whoopee look how high I am...

Oops, lost my footing there...

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cute pictures... The monkeys really are cute little critters...

    Your yard story reminds me of our critters: squirrels, chipmunks, deer, etc... The deer love to eat our roses and flowers. The squirrels climb all over the bird feeders stealing the bird food.. They also dig up our spring bulbs. The chipmunks make tunnels in the flowerbeds, and destroy many of the flowers we have planted... SO--you get the idea!!!!!! CUTE critters --but quite pesky!!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love to watch monkeys and baboons although they can be pests. I especially like the little babies. I'm thinking of them as I read your post :-)

  3. Amazing having them in your own back yard! I'm sure they can make quite a nuisance of themselves, but they are fun to watch! Love your captures, Jo! Thanks for sharing the fun without problems!! Have a lovely weekend!


  4. long as they don't figure out how to open the back door and make themselves at home!

  5. Oh, fun, Jo, although it's a shame about the birds' eggs. Could you pick unripe fruit and ripen it indoors?

  6. You have the best animal TV channel in the world ! That's something else than watching grazing cows, lol !

  7. Jo, your monkeys are just adorable. Especially the babies. I love the shot of the adult grinning. I know they create are a nuisance but what cool visitors to your yard. Great captures, have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Oh Jo!! How FUN!! I know it may be tiresome sometimes to you since you live in that part of the world, BUT!!! I will Never in a million years get to see something like this in My world! Thank you SO much for taking the time to show us what it's like to be in your shoes!
    Love the babies!

  9. The monkey antics are very entertaining.

  10. One of our memorable moments in the Masaai Mara was when a team of important people had come to visit us from General Headquarters - We entered the dining area of the Sarova (I think that's where we were) when our American guests decided they needed some breeze. Without asking for assistance, one of them opened the wooden windows near our dining table. Moments later I heard a blood-curdling scream near me. It was the wife of the Gen Director. A Baboon was standing behind her, arms around her, grabbing the bread off her dinner plate. I rushed toward the baboon with threatening gestures, which then made a hasty retreat out the window. That's one of our fav stories to repeat when we see each other these days. What a nuisance those monkeys can be. Very destructive and sometimes frightening.

  11. I really rather envy the wonderful life you are leading. What a treat to watch those little babies exploring their world!


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