Thursday, June 28, 2012

UK Trip Part V

One thing that always fascinates me, is how the English love their dogs. Come rain or shine, dog owners generally walk their dogs on a regular basis. Being at the TT races on the Isle of Man was no exception. I made a point of trying to photograph as many dogs that I could while walking around the pits and viewing areas. 

Stafford-shire Terriers are a very popular breed of dogs in the UK. This lass looks a little dozy (or bored) by all the comings and goings around him

A handsome fellow with a designer collar
I'm not sure of this breed - perhaps a Kerry Blue? But it was accompanied by a beautiful pair of legs, I'd say! Oops! I remember now the lady told us this was a Labradoodle: Poodle x Labrador!
A Heinz 57 breed wearing a designer harness
A Giant Poodle eyeballs the camera lens
A pair of English Sheepdogs Border Collies relax with their owner (thanks Arija!)
And the Dulux Dog was also there; A St Bernard   An Old English Sheepdog is used in the Dulux paint adverts in England and South Africa ( Thanks Arija! )

There was many, many other dogs on the island during that week, but I didn't get to photograph them all. I love dogs and miss my three dogs in South Africa. Regularly seeing the dogs at the TT, helped to ease the longing! 

Thanks to my dear friend Arija from Down Under,  for helping me right with the sheepdog/Border Collie dog ID's! 


  1. Jo, you made me giggle. You certainly know your cats but dogs? What you called English sheepdogs are Border Collies and the last one is an English sheepdog and nothing like a St.Bernhardt that is brown and white, the size of a calf and comes from the Swiss Alps.

    But I do agree with you, the English certainly love their dogs.

  2. Bet you missed your kitties too while you were away.. People here in the USA love their animals also--especially their dogs -and cats!!!

    Great set of photos.

  3. Love the dogs! Sounds like you are homesick!!!

  4. Americans love their dogs, too, and tend to take them everywhere. Looks like the Isle of Mann group has a good variety of well-behaved pets.

  5. All of these dogs are adorable in their own unique ways. I especially liked the labradoodle--looks very distinguished.

  6. Lol ! you did dog hunting ! where are the cats ?


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