Monday, June 18, 2012

Back in Mwadui

We're back from the UK! Thanks to all for the send-off, well-wishes and kind comments when we left last  month. I have many photos and stories which start with this post. To get to them I have to mention our very first ladies' tea here in Mwadui which Amanda and I arranged for the Monday before we left. 

Amanda organized with the client's management to hold it in their guest house. With me, my friend, Sonja visiting from Dar es Salaam, the six ladies from Petra diamonds (the stores controller, the guest house head, the headmistress of the school, the matron of the hospital, Amanda and Tilla)  as well as a fourth South African lady, Charlene,  who recently moved into the camp, we made up quite a lively and interesting party! Unfortunately I didn't take my camera along and although I took photos with my phone, the results were less than perfect.
Charlene, left and Sonja at the Mwadui ladies' tea 

On Tuesday Grant and I flew from Mwanza to Dar where we were booked into  our favorite hotel in the city the Sea Cliff My darling hubby had surprised me by securing a sea-facing suite! 
 Our sea-facing room in the Sea Cliff, Dar es Salaam

 The view of the sea beyond our bedroom window. Life is tough in Africa! 

Early on Wednesday morning we waited in the hotel reception for Mohamed, our driver to collect us for the airport. Of course, on the way down [to reception] and while we waited, I took photos. 
 The reception area just outside the lift on the way down to main reception

 We've stayed in this hotel five times this year (recently I stayed there alone) and this is the first time I noticed the star rating on the wall! 
The doormen at this hotel are Masaai warriors

Promptly at 5.30 Mohamed arrived, took us to the airport and by 8.30 we were boarding our  British Airways flight to Heathrow.
 The plane was quite empty so after an early lunch, which followed soon after breakfast, His Nibs found a row of seats and slept until we started descending into Heathrow!

 I hope you're all having a wonderful week already!



  1. Glad to hear from you, Jo... Glad you made it back safe and sound.... Thanks to the photos. I'm sure we'll enjoy seeing many more from that trip.

  2. Welcome back, Jo! I've missed you and your posts. I was just going to say that your hotel in Dar looks 5 star when you noticed the star rating. It is sure nice to have a room facing the ocean views. That is always my favourite if I can get it. Lucky too that you had room on the plane to stretch out. The only time I've ever had room to spread out was on a flight from Mombasa to Nairobi. Too short a time to really relax. Instead I spent my time talking to one of the Police Comissioners.

  3. Welcome back, Jo!! Good to see your post and know all is well! Great shots and what a lovely room and beautiful view!! Doesn't get any better! Looking forward to more!! Hope you have a great -- if busy week!!


  4. Welcome home. So look forward to hearing about your UK vacation.

  5. Welcome back Jo - looking forward to hearing about London ... I've never been out of Africa ...

  6. Welcome Home Jo! Can't wait for more stories!!!

  7. I love the view from your hotel room. No doubt you have many exciting adventures to post about. I look forward to hearing them.

  8. At last, you're back, Jo! Today is Saturday, June 23rd, and I finally noticed that you're back posting again so I'm catching up on your adventures! What a lovely tea you and Amanda put on!

    Your hubby is a dear for getting the sea view room at the Sea Cliff hotel. How interesting that the doormen are Massai warriors! Do they still do some part-time warrior-ing?

    Welcome back!

  9. Just catching up with your trip. We were in US and now Sydney and you know how hard it is to keep up with bloggers when travelling. How lucky to get an empty plane ride.


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