Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Elijah

Elijah, our third-of-four grandsons, is three today. I love this birthday as normally when you ask the child how old he is, he holds up three middle fingers and says: "I'm free" ! Precious. 

Today Elijah's at home in the Drakensberg, SA, with his mum, dad and four siblings. I've sent him a birthday CHAT via my Smartphone and promised to phone him on his dad's phone at lunchtime, when Granddad is home. I wonder if he will say: "I'm free" ? 

 Elijah and older brother, Joshua, play with their respective John Deere tractors. Elijah's is his birthday gift (Photo credit: John Hedges)


  1. Adorable grandsons you have there, Jo. Three is a wonderful age. Congratulations, Elijah.
    Love, K

  2. This post reminded me that your grandson and I share a birthday ;-) Happy birthday to dear Elijah!

  3. Happy birthday to Elijah, and best regard to all your famillie,fro Belgium
    Nice foto life, landscape,i love your wonderfull banner,

  4. Happy Birthday to Elijah. What an adorable little boy...

    God Bless the people in Oklahoma.

  5. Happy Birthday to Elijah! JO, your grandsons are so cute!

  6. I love that age, the age of 3--becoming more independent weekly and increasing in vocabulary by leaps and bounds.


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