Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aliens have invaded our space!

Hi Bozo and all our mum's blog readers. Do you remember when I showed photos of "strange" cats on this blog? Well, I'm sure they've invaded our house. Last week mum and her friend (I think it's the cats' mum) carried our kitty cage into dad's bathroom and closed the door. Now I can hear "cats" crying when I peep under the door!
I've shown you these cats before!

This is the line of cookie bowls which the cats have in dad bathroom

Thank goodness they have their own tree tower and toilet boxes!

Shadow (above) and Uncle Ginger (sleeping on his office chair at the stage) don't seem to "know" about these alien cats!

Behind that door lurk two little kitties!

At least I heard mum saying that the cats are only staying here for two weeks. Phew! That's a relief! I don't mind sharing "our" bathroom with them for a short while!

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  1. Oh, Ambrose, how frustrating for you. I'm sure Ginger and Shadow will understand when they go into your dad's bathroom after the kittens leave.
    Meanwhile, they seem to be very cute little things, although not as handsome as you and Shadow and Ginger.
    Love and hugs, Auntie Kay

  2. Somebody must be kitty sitting. :)

  3. Hello Jo. So sorry I do not get to answer your comments and leave one here more often but traveling like this has its problems when it comes to power supplies and recharging batteries. :)

    I can see you sure do love cats. :)

  4. Do hope the kitties don't disturb you too much! But you know you are special, so don't worry too much! But I did enjoy your story!

  5. Oh I Love the black kitties! Reminds me of my KiKi who's now gone...

  6. and I thought you have two new kittens ! Shadow is certainly relieved that it's only temporary. But where are they going after the two weeks ?

  7. I hope you have fun with your visitors. Oh boy, two new cute kittens. Have a happy week ahead, Jo!

  8. Whew, Ambrose, Shadow and Ginger won't have long till the house is all theirs again!


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