Thursday, January 9, 2014

A princess in the garden

...the Hedges menagerie increases! 

As many of my blog followers may have discerned from Ambrose' post, we have a new kid on the block. A dog, no less! No sooner had we relocated two foster cats from Tanzania to South Africa, that a little puppy was thrust through the gate (this is true) by a group of children. 

Once I'd bathed her in flea deterrent, dewormed her and fed the dog, Michael found a flat box into which I placed an old pillow and the little mite was soon fast asleep.

Next morning, Grant met the pup for the first time and gave it a name: she was Princess and boy, does she live up to her name! Princess now has a selection of chewy toys in her bed; she also has a variety of homemade toys  - an empty water bottle, a toilet roll inner tube, an old slipper -  as well as a tennis ball in the back garden for when she "helps" Michael with his chores. 
 A bed fit for a Princess

Princess plays with her tennis ball

Princess chews her old slipper

Of course, the cute little girl would just LOVE to play with the three fluffy kitties in the Hedges garden. But they're still not used to her. We're hoping they will eventually show generous feline spirits (ha-ha, up my sleeve) and make friends. They should because by the time we return from leave in a month's time, Princess will be towering over them! 
Princess tries to befriend Ambrose, who so far, is the only one of the Tanzanian Trio to show a little friendliness
Shadow casually stretches but it was just an eye blind. A minute later, Princess ventured to close to him and she felt Shadow's sharp claws on her nose!
All the Hedges pets relax in the afternoon sun

Princess has proved that being small, cute, highly intelligent and very friendly, can melt even the crustiest old lady's heart. Toffee is one of the two dogs in our big garden. Buster, the male is very friendly and over the two years we've been here, it's been much easier to gain his confidence. Until three weeks ago, Toffee only came to me if I was proffering a bone and then only to grab it from my hand and dash off to eat it. Now with a puppy which I feed on the doorstep three times a day, both Buster and Toffee come and sit close by. Why? Because in between Princess eating, I normally take out a piece of meat and offer it to the bigger dogs. Apart from that, Princess has not taken "no" for an answer when it comes to wanting to play with her Uncle Buster or Aunt Toffee. In the beginning they snapped at her but as time has gone by, she has gotten under their skins. 
 Buster and Princess having a play!
Toffee and Princess playing on the lawn

As can be seen by Toffee's grey muzzle (photo below) it should have taken a lot longer for her to allow Princess to take the liberties she does. Not so...
Princess takes a lunge at Toffee's bottom lip and hangs on! 

Princess' whole head disappears into Toffee's mouth! 
Can you see the resignation on old Toffee's face as Princess climbs all over her head!

What a wonderful day it was on 17 December 2013 when dear little Princess came into our garden, our lives and now has crept into our hearts. Now all we have to do is convince the three Hedges cats!


  1. She's so cute, Jo, and growing so fast! I'll bet Toffee enjoys being an auntie, too.
    If the cats are willing to come within a few feet of her, they'll soon accept her. Shadow showed her who's boss, of course (I'm the #1 cat, doncha know?) but as Princess gets bigger, they'll give in. I'm betting it won't be long before you have a couple of cats and a dog sleeping together.
    I'm enjoying the photos, and of course you're enjoying your leave, I'm sure.
    Love, K

  2. Jo, you can just tell she is an adorable puppy ~ sure to get under the skin of your readers too ~ move over Hedges kitties.

  3. I really love your kind heart that takes in so many animals. I am sure with a little time they will all get along just fine.

  4. She is gorgeous and how lucky she is to have been pushed into your care.

  5. Princess is a cute puppy dog. I hope after some time she is accepted by all, even the kitties.. Cute photos..
    Have a happy day and weekend!

  6. Hi Jo. She is so gorgeous. Who doesn't love a pup. As I at present cannot up load ant photos onto blogger, I still can up load a video and today you might like to see my daughters family pup, Tilly.

  7. You've got a big family of cats and dogs now! It must be fun to watch them playing around with one another - free entertainment! Happy new year to you and yours!

  8. What a sweet looking puppy! If and when you go back "home" will you take all of these animals with you? I'm so glad you have such compassion for these homeless creatures.

  9. Don't worry ! the cats will adopt puppy soon ! It only takes a little time because she is a little wild and clumsy ! Anyway cats always remain the kings or queens of the house !
    She really is adorable !

  10. Oh, Jo!! Princess is a precious pup! I just love her! And you and Grant do have such good hearts. I'm so happy that you took her in, bathed her, and fell in love! If I lived on some acreage, I'd have all kinds of pet doggies!! Big hugs to you from far across the ocean!


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