Monday, July 28, 2014

On our way to South Africa

At midday today we leave site (and our three kitties and two dogs) and drive to Mwanza. We stay overnight at the Malaika Hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria. Next morning we fly from Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam and at around 2.45pm we board the SAA flight to OR Tambo, Johannesburg. We sleep over in Johannesburg and next morning early, we board the domestic flight to Bloemfontein in the Free State. We have a driver collecting us in our car and will drive to our home town, Marquard 160kms to the east.

So, nothing is quick and easy traveling between East and South Africa. But we look forward to a lovely three-week holiday.

More later this week when we arrive "home" 

The things we leave behind for now...
 Dr Williamson, discoverer of Williamson Diamond Mines. His statue is a stone's throw from our house in Mwadui 

Children walking past my house 

Toffee, our old Askari/guard dog in the garden
 And our precious Princess who is also under Toffee's  tutorship as Askari dog! 
Shadow and Ambrose 
And Ginger

Until I land and reconnect in Marquard, here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! 


  1. Safe travels, Jo. I know they will all miss you. Deb

  2. hope your travels will all go well and your place and pets be safe. :)

  3. All the animals are looking well. Safe travels dear Jo!

  4. JO, wishing you safe and happy travels. I am sure all your pets will miss you! Have a happy week!

  5. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to read blogs. Have a safe journey.

  6. Travel arrangements are much like Australia, especially if one,like me, cannot fly. It just takes days to get anywhere.
    I'm going to Sydney next week, a 26hr train trip plus at least one hour to check in as well as an hour and a half to get to the train station.
    Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

  7. Have a safe trip, Jo. I'm sure you will. BUT--your kitties will miss you while you are gone, I'm sure...

    I'm sure you'll visit your families and all of those amazing grandchildren...

  8. That is an ordeal to get home but staying on the shores of Lake Victoria sounds exotic. Safe trip and fine holiday ahead. You are lucky to have someone to look after the well fed animals.


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