Monday, July 21, 2014

What a week!

As mentioned in last Monday's post, most of the time, so much nothing happens in Mwadui. And then you have weeks of things happening. Some pleasant like Thys' surprise party at the Guest House lapa last Friday. And others not so pleasant; like having to get expats out because they need urgent medical attention. 

Ten days ago at midnight,  Thys knocked on our bedroom window. He called out to Grant that Theo (our Ghanaian plant supervisor) had been taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Thys' words were: "Theo's still alive, but I think you need to go to the hospital!" Well, you can imagine!  

Grant jumped out of bed, got dressed and soon was driving up the road to the hospital. He was away for about two hours and when he returned, he told me that he'd been in consultation with the doctor who suggested that Theo is flown to Nairobi for further observation. Grant contacted the emergency medical services who would airlift Theo as soon as it was light.

The next day, as the light plane flew over Mwadui, I had several Whatsapp messages from my friends on camp who wanted to know what was going on! Theo was airlifted safely and taken to the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi. He is about to be flown to India for heart surgery but holding out just fine.

Last week without warning, I suddenly spotted a spot in my left eye. It was the strangest sensation; as I moved my eyeball, I'd see a bubble within the eye!  I made an appointment with SpecSavers, a South African optometry company which also operates in Mwanza and on Thursday Grant and I went to the city with trusty driver, William at the wheel! 

No sooner were we on the road, when Grant received a call from Thys who'd been to the doctor; he'd been suffering with mild chest pains and high blood pressure. The doctor suggested that Thys flies out (commercially this time) to South Africa to have a proper examination. So while we traveled along, Grant arranged flight bookings (which I later paid at a travel agency directly next door to SpecSavers!), and dealt with HR at our HO in Dar.  Meanwhile, I was on Whatsapp keeping Thys' wife, Elize, informed about the proceedings.  She was naturally very worried about her husband so far away, but I assured her that we were doing all possible to get him to SA soon. 

By now we'd arrived in Mwanza and at the optometrist. to find out about my eye condition. In 1999, I had laser treatment done to both my eyes. After 46 years of suffering with severe myopia, I suddenly had the best eyesight ever! And it has never wavered. Apart from wearing reading glasses for computer work and reading, I am able to see well into the distance without aid. The optometrist did all the tests necessary and then told me that the bubble - also known as a floater -  within my eye, is age-related. There is no real cure; he prescribed eye drops to help the irritation and here I am, just living with this spot in my eye! I must admit it has become less irritating as time goes by. 

Thys flew out to Johannesburg on Friday and Elize notified me of his arrival that evening. She has made an appointment with a renowned intern in Bloemfontein on Monday. She will let me know the outcome in due course.

While in Mwanza, Grant and I stopped off at Malaika Hotel, on the shores of Lake Victoria. We love to have lunch here: real Indian cuisine.

The view over the shores of Lake Victoria from the hotel's open - air dining area  

 Traditional Indian fare is served in traditional Indian dishes

Vegetable briyani, paneer in spicy sauce and chappati; delicious! 

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. 




  1. so sorry for the medical emergencies! must be very difficult to handle in foreign countries. and sorry about the floater, too, but at least you know it is nothing that can be corrected and hopefully won't get worse.

  2. Wow, Jo! So many medical emergencies in a short while. I can certainly see how all this had you and Grant "hopping". I'm glad everyone is doing okay considering the circumstances and pray for Theo and Thus that they get the best possible medical treatment whichever country they are in and that they will be back to normal soon. I pray too that your eye condition stays good. Hugs. xx

  3. Jo, what a week! I am sorry for Theo and Thys, I pray they will both be fine. My hubby has the floater too. He has had many laser surgeries on his eyes for glaucoma.. I hope things will calm down this week for everyone.. Enjoy your day!

  4. Wow you have had your problems but it seems to be working out OK and that view and food are fantastic. I had floaters in my eyes!

  5. What a lot of problems coming one on top of the other. I have had floaters for years. Always good to get them checked out though. I do.

  6. and I wish you a few days of nothing happening, you do need a break from all this unexpected drama in your life. hubby and i both have floaters and after a while you will not even know they are there....

  7. Beautiful pictures, Jo. Sure hope the rest of your week is peaceful.


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