Monday, July 7, 2014

What I did this weekend and the preceding two weeks

I've often wondered if my regular (and irregular) blog readers think that all I do is go birding. When I check up on my blog on the past year, I realize that I've done dozens of posts on birds and other wildlife seen where we live here in Tanzania.

However, I also know that those readers and followers with a kind disposition towards me will realize that I have had posts about my grandchildren and about cats (the Hedges Kitties; the two cats I babysat last year and sent off to their owner, Rina in South Africa and feral cats in and around town.) I've also posted about the School for the Blind and Albino children in the nearby town of Shinyanga, about the mine and various large machines. You've also been shown the pottery pieces I've learned to make over the past two years! 

Today I'll post about what I've done every afternoon since Wimbledon started two weeks ago;  and that's watching tennis. I think there are tennis fans who like to come in at the quarter and semi-finals and then watch the finals. I like to watch from the very first stroke played on Center Court and although I'm not able to watch every single match, I do tend to know what is going on throughout the tournament!

On Friday afternoon I watched Djokovic versus the feisty and athletic young player, Dimitrov. Oh, and what I meant to say: I love to support the new boys and girls on the block!

Congratulations to Canada with Raonic making it to the men's semi-finals and Eugenie Bouchard being the runner up in the women's finals.

Of course, when it came to the men's finals on Sunday, the Formula 1 started at exactly the same time as the tennis match! In between hearing about Jensen Button, Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, I managed to flick the alternative button on the remote to see how Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were faring! (It's a man's world in our house on Sundays! Tsk!)

Another thing I do on a regular basis is cook meals; mainly for Grant. My own meals are made in bulk by Chef Paulo in the Guest House. This is a lentil and vegetable casserole which, when Paulo sends it over in a huge saucepan, I decant into 200 gram containers and freeze.  I eat half a container of this every evening for dinner. Regina makes me a salad every day which I eat with my own homemade bread  for lunch. 

I cook dinner every evening or Grant; meat, potatoes and two veg. (Many days at lunch time, he eats in the Guest House dining room.)

Weekends he likes all his meals at home so I try to make something different. This weekend I decided to make a Corn Souffle for Sunday lunch and what a good choice this was. The dish turned out delicious and of course, I could eat along with my husband! 

It's not a difficult recipe; corn can be omitted and it can be made with grated cheddar cheese only or with tuna.

  Sweet corn kernels in baking dish; whipped egg and white sauce waiting to be added

The egg mixture added into the white sauce, while the grated cheese is to be added and then all folded into the corn mixture
Always treat a souffle with tenderness and it rewards you with a fluffy and lightly baked dish afterwards! 

Sweet Corn Souffle
2 x 400g tins of sweet corn whole kernel, drained
4 eggs seperated
3 tbs flour 
2 tbs butter
1 tsp salt 
1 tsp hot mustard powder
+/- 1 cup of milk
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
Cayenne pepper for sprinkling

Set oven on 180 ° C

Place sweet corn in a baking dish

Beat eggs whites till stiff 
In separate dish, beat egg yolks well
On stove melt butter, add salt and  mustard powder
Quickly stir in the flour until smooth
Add milk until a white sauce is formed 
Remove from stove and add the egg yolks
Add the cheddar cheese
Fold in egg whites and add quickly to corn mixture
Mix in well and sprinkle cayenne pepper on top
Place dish in oven for about 35 minutes till risen and brown on top
Serve immediately with a mixed salad

 The baked souffle as it's removed from the oven
A delicious, light and browned souffle in one of my pottery creations! 

Tomorrow I'll post about another hobby which I've taken up since being in Tanzania. 

Here's wishing you all a great week ahead.





  1. i'd probably like that dish because it has CORN! :)

  2. Your souffle looks delicious. I haven't made a souffle for eons and I've never made a corn souffle. Some day I might give it a try ;-). Thanks for sharing with us a summary of how you spend your time. I like to blog like that and keep track for myself of what where I am putting my energies, lol. Have a wonderful week ahead my friend. xx

  3. Hi Jo, tennis is pretty popular. My hubby does a lot of cooking, he usually has dinner ready when I come home from work.. Your souffle looks yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe.. Have a happy day!

  4. nice to have your meals organized so well Jo, and your corn souffle sounds really delicious too. Carole, at for some more outback Australia

  5. So you don't just do birding all day. You also watch sport and eat. Bwahahahahahaha!!!! Sorry, didn't mean to laugh. That food looks good.

  6. that corn souffle is beautiful and I know I would love it. i hate hate hate all things cooking, this means if i had access to a guest house and a chef i would never walk in the kitchen..hubby watched every single stroke or backhand or whatever it is called. and i was so thankful for tennis on TV because it keeps him out of my hair... he watches it all day long, how ever many hours are shown. he talks to the players, gives them advice, and is very noisy while watching. he likes the men best and so do i even though i don't watch, because when the women play the HUH HUH HUH drives me nuts.

  7. I am not a Tennis fan either so Mr. G. could watch his Formular 1 in peace. In fact I never watch any sport. The bread with the onions came out well and tasted heavenly ! Mr. G. almost ate half of the loaf !

  8. That looks yummy. I've got to try it!


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