Saturday, September 27, 2014

New critter in the garden

And the pups' update on day ten!

On Sunday Michael called Grant to see a new little critter on the wild orchid in a tree.

Rainbow Chameleon

Isn't it fascinating? 

The chameleon has since moved off. Apparently they're vagrants so although I was sorry not to see it there again, I'm happy it has gone to look for greener pastures! 

Princess and her pups are doing well. Yesterday was Michael's day off.  Joshua is the relief askari on Fridays and takes his job  very seriously; especially the most recent one as nursery assistant. I had to eventually stop him from shaking out the pups' blanket and refolding it every 20 minutes!
Joshua and Princess

This is what I call a bunch of pups 

Or a bundle of pups! 

Or a pile of cuteness!
This little one found comfort in the closeness of its mama! 

 The pup below is very porcine-like! It was born first and is already the largest. It seems to have a very mild nature because it doesn't always force its way over the others to the milk bar. The one smaller black pup with white feet is very outgoing and its eyes are almost completely open

Piglet the pup!

I'm linking my post today to Saturday Critters with Eileen. Do pop over to her blog and see the many critters on her blog as well as others from all over the world. You can click here

I'm still having Internet issues (read : slow ) and although I read many of your blogs, when I try to post a comment, the server bombs out. Grrr.

Other than that I'm having a wonderful weekend in beautiful - albeit dry - Tanzania and wish you the same wherever you are. 


  1. HI Jo I love your new found critter in your garden and the pups are growing up fast. Have a great weekend.

  2. "n Regte spul "Kanis Afrikanes". But very cute all the same!

  3. They are growing so fast. Princess looks like she is a good mother. Following your example. I love the "Puppy Pile".

  4. i am getting server bombs today on a few.. maybe something to do with blogger and it's periodic hip cups... that puppy pile is so precious and i can't wait to see their eyes open... great shot of Joshua and Princess... he has a beautiful smile... soon the pups will be able to play in that enclosure.. can't wait...

  5. I totally forgot to mention that AMAZING chameleon... he is awesome...

  6. your link to critters at Elineen is linking to you post on the birth of the pups

  7. love that pile o' pups! and i just love the devotion to them from mother and helpers.

    the chameleon is awesome!

  8. Puppies? ADORABLE!!

    But, did I read that correctly...a wild orchid?!! How lucky you are.

  9. To have a chameleon so close is amazing ! Beautiful pictures.
    But of course my favorite once are those from the puppies ! What a pile ! Soon you will have to buy an extra large camera to get them all on one photo, lol !

  10. The chameleon's eyeball is fascinating!

    Cute pups.

  11. Love those chameleon shots. The pups are really growing and so fast! While you are dry in Tanzania we have been having buckets of rain every day. Too early for the season after having such a dry, hot summer. But no doubt the earth could really use it. Today and tomorrow at least it will be dry and sunny. I am enjoying looking at the clear day today. Have a wonderful weekend. Big hugs. xx

  12. Jo, I love the new critter. The Rainbow Chameleon is cool. Great sighting and photos. And Princess and her pups are just adorable.. I enjoy seeing them on your post.. Is Piglet going to be a name for one? Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend!

  13. Beautiful Pictures of the pups.

  14. Chameleons are very cool looking but haven't seen this Rainbow variety. Pups are all looking healthy. Sympathize with the slow internet thing. Been dealing with it for 5 months now.


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