Sunday, September 28, 2014

War time in Hedges Kitty Household

Hello Lindy, Aunty Kay and all mum's other blog readers. This is Ambrose and I must tell you about war that broke out in our house!

It all happened after it got dark: I saw a furry thing in the yard and starting hopping from one window to the other. I ran through the house and eventually I stopped in my yoomen dad's bathroom window sill.
I used my fiercest look to scare the kitty away! (It didn't work!)

Sometime in the night while my yoomen mum and dad were sleeping, Unca Shadow came to see what I was looking at in the window! Just then something moved and Unca Shadow turned and hissed at me. I ran into mum's room with Shadow behind me. He grabbed me and rolled me on the floor. Normally we play like this, but now Unca Shadow was very angry and hissed and snorted while rolling me around! 

Mum turned the light on and when Dad Ginger saw us, he jumped up from where he sleeps between mum and dad's pillows. And jumped on me but I ran away very fast. Then he grabbed Unca Shadow by the ear and both my dad and Unca Shadow hissed and yowled until mum managed to push Dad Ginger into the bathroom with the broom head. She shut him in for the rest of the night!  

Unca Shadow was badly injured with blood dripping onto the floor. When mum checked behind his head, she saw that Dad Ginger had ripped his ear. Poor Unca Ginger.
Unca Shadow's war wounds...
The next morning we all slept together on the day bed, peaceful as always
 My yoomen dad said that I started the fight by being nervous about the kitty in the garden
 Do I look like I cause fights?

Just to show what a kind-hearted kitty I am, I'm going to post an update about the puppies!
Mum says these puppies are eleven days old already!
They cuddle together like we kitties do
These two look so cute sleeping together 

Dad Ginger, Unca Shadow and I, Ambrose wish you all a happy Sunday! 


  1. my dogs do that sometimes - if one is agitated and nervous, the others get testy and may snap or growl or scuffle with each other. sorry about the injury, though!

  2. Yooman dad is right, Ambrose. It is called 'displaced anger' and happens often when a cat is upset and another one appears within it's reach. It has happened at our house too. We had something similar where one cat was at the patio door staring out at a cat in the yard and another indoor cat came up close. The fight was on but quickly stopped by me. Deb

  3. Geez ! what an agitated night ! Nobody can understand what goes through a cat's mind ! It happens here with Pookie and Rosie they always have been enemies, but it never came to blood ! The puppies grow !

  4. what a way to be waked up in the middle of the night.. sorry about the injury.. i wonder if the cat outside was in heat... who knows. animals are like humans, the sometimes do odd crazy things... that last shot of the two pups is adorable..

  5. Sounds like a bad night, especially for poor Shadow's ear.. I hope it heals quickly and everything is peaceful now.. Love the cute puppies. Have a happy day!

  6. Pete's Sake!
    It is boring around here. I get up every night to go check around the house, and nothing ever happens. I think the mice are all outside. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Those puppies are so adorable! I'm not sure I'd be happy about a cat fight in the middle of the night!

  8. OH DEAR! What a scary adventure but I'm glad to hear that you are all getting along well now!

  9. Gosh Ambrose you did start a ruckus . Just ignore spooky sounds outside and cuddle up to your mamma when you are scared.


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