Monday, September 29, 2014

Psst, don't tell Ambrose

This post is about dogs...

... more dogs...

...and more dogs !

Yesterday after coming back from a bird outing with Grant, I popped over to the Guest House. I wanted to reconnect with Chefs Paulo and Michael Makongoro. Having worked alongside these two and a team of eight men and women, for almost two years in the Guest House, I have a very good rapport with them all. I also taught the chefs to cook for Mzungus/ foreigners and not for the Eastern expats only. I also taught them a few basic desssert recipes with which to treat the Expats once or twice a week. 

After a lovely chat with the two chefs and later with Isaac, trainee chef, I wandered outside. I found Nando lying in the lapa. Nando is the Guest House askari/guard dog and one of seven pups that Honey gave birth to in the winter of 2013. Sadly, Honey died after the Mwanza vet performed a hysterectomy on her in October last year. He did the op in Grant's bathroom and Michael and I assisted him. Nando has been "teutered" so no, he wasn't one of the many fathers of Princess' pups.
Nando has very pretty face-markings. I hope Grant permits to let one pup live with Nando when the time comes
Princess regularly takes me-time away from the pups. She actually looks a little tired...

And of course, the pups!
Sleeping the days away
I'm so peaceful
 I'm so fast asleep
I'm so comfy
We're so together
I'm so cute, barking in my dreams
I'm so goofy sleeping butt up!
But I'm the cleverest first pup to have open eyes

And because the Rainbow Chameleon elicited so much interest, I thought I'd post a few more photos I managed to get before it left our garden.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. the chameleon ALMOST upstages those cute pups, but not quite. and nando is a handsome fellow!

  2. Wonderful photos and interesting visitor you had in the garden...Coming by after working this weekend and being blessed though with your visit. It is hard to deal with rebellious spirits but still, no match with His loving and forgiving virtues. Joining you in your petitions...It is easy to love the loveable ones but the test of truly loving unconditionally is when our journeys are surrounded with the diamonds in the rough placed along the roads we're on. May the Lord bless you and may you always remain strong in His mighty power! Take care sister and thank you also for your prayers.

  3. I'm not sure if my first comment had gone through earlier as I was having problem doing so. ..wonderful pics as always. Thank you for your visit and prayers. I feel your dilemma regarding with what your heart shared with's easy dealing with loveable ones but I believe we are being tested when we have those diamonds in the rough placed on the roads where we are journeying. I'm joining you in your prayers. May His wisdom and discernment guide you... take care and God bless. ..

  4. Great photos of the pups and gecko. The pup with open eyes looks very intelligent and I love his/her face. Hugs. xx

  5. Hi Jo, I love all the puppies dogs. The one with the eyes open is adorable..The Rainbow Chameleon is cool, I like that curly tail. Great post, have a happy day and week ahead!

  6. The pups are fat little bundles of love. The chameleon
    is a fabulous lizard?? is it a lizard?

  7. if that rainbow lived in my garden you would all be bored to death from a zillion photos of him. he just amazes me... beautiful tail... love the open eyes and the pups are sleeping while they grow very fast. Nando has a wonderful face and poor princess is worn out from all that eating they do i am sure

  8. LOVE those puppies and the captions! Thanks for making me smile. The Rainbow Chameleon is such an interesting looking critter!

  9. Nando is a beauty !! I hope he has a good life ! It's really a mystery who the father was (I wonder if Princess remembers him) when I look at the puppies with all different colors ! There is a little joke : A cat said to another cat : What ? you are pregnant again ? who is the father this time ? and the cat answered : I don't know I had my head in the bin !

  10. I'll bet the cats are jealous.


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