Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Critters and a walk

Hi everyone, this week I have a rather eclectic mix of critters (a couple still from our road trip to Cape Town last week); some birds and of course, the excitement of my dogs as we resume our walks to the golf course. 
A commercial airline taking off from Cape Town overseas...
As we approached this "critter from the past" Grant and I both said how long last since we'd seen an old caravan as this! 
The Black-collared Barbets are still in our garden but not very vocal  any more

 I took Eddy and Skabenga for a walk on the golf course in the middle of yesterday morning. The dogs were ecstatic. It was very hot out there and I was challenged to take photos with the sun directly overhead. But we managed...

One of our friends watched warily as we approached. He wasn't too sure of us!
He has a new yard-mate - this gorgeous pup - also a little careful of the new critters approaching
The dogs hurtled across the course with great abandon
Skabenga hardly  had all four paws on the ground at any given time!

Skabenga goes to greet the driver on the tractor
I stopped often to take close-ups of these teeny blooms 

The flowers nestle on velvety leaves which are flat on the ground - the course is carpeted with these  bloom in pretty soft colors 
I was challenged with the direct sunlight and had to take photos from different angles
More clusters of pretty blooms
At the dam I managed a silhouette of this cormorant - probably a reed cormorant

And then Skabenga jumped into the dam and had a good plodge ! 

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  1. You ain't seen nothin' yet until your have seen MY OLD caravan Jo!!! Maybe some day you will visit me. The 2 of us could go round Ireland? How about that? Love all the things you found on your walk, beautiful flowers and I love the video of the dog in and out of the Dam. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a nice place for a walk and your dogs have so much fun ! This old caravan is a real antique ! We see them from time to time, and they all belong to Dutch people ! You don't even have to look on the licence plate first. Nobody else would use such an old thing.

  3. Hello Jo, I would love a caravan if I could drive one. They are so big. I am sure Eddy and Skabenga are so happy to have you home and to go on their walks again. Skabenga does look happy running free and into the water. Great photos and video. The blooms are lovely. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  4. watching Skabenga in the water has me laughing.. so full of vim, vigor and vitality... there are many of those caravans here, the roads are full of them... but not as many as used to be because of gas prices.. i love those pink flowers.

  5. I could sense Skabenga's heart throbbing with joy.


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