Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wind farms

Approaching a small Karoo town on the N1 called Noupoort (Narrow Portal), Grant and I noticed a cluster of wind turbines. I snapped away as much as I could and then I Googled to read about them. (here)

The wind farm at Noupoort is still under construction. There are 35 wind turbines to be installed and connected to the grid. The height of a wind turbine is 152 meters. These 35 wind turbines will supply clean, safe and effective energy to 69,000 homes. 

At present there are ten turbines erected and I managed a couple of photos showing all ten! 

As we drove down to Cape Town, at Caledon, I photographed another wind farm

Denmark, Portugal, Spain and other European countries are leaders in harnessing wind to generate energy. Wind energy is one of the best sources of renewable energy. Wind energy produces no air-or water pollution.

The US and Canada are up there with the leading countries producing energy by using wind turbines. Turbines can be as tall as 200m with blades 60m long. The tallest wind turbine is in Hawai at 20 storeys tall and blades the length of a football field. 

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  1. I've seen these wind turbines in the north country where I'm from. They are between the City of Dawson Creek and the town of Chetwynd and probably more elsewhere that I haven't seen. When I went to the Gaspe, Peninsula rea of Quebec a few summers ago there were also a lot of them there. They seem somewhat spooky to me when you get up close. Though I initially liked the idea of clean energy, I'm now learning of all the health problems experienced by people who live nearby these wind turbines. I guess that makes sense given how large they are and how much energy they are capable of producing. I wish there was a source of energy that didn't cause people to become sick though.

  2. I see from the comment above that people have become sick if living close to them. I did not know that. What I did know was that they are killing a good number of birds of prey as they crash into them. Left a reply for you on my post today.

  3. Nice shots of the wind farms! Hurray for sustainable energy.

  4. I am for these turbine mills too, but there are people who say that it spoils the landscape and that they are noisy ! I prefer that than the electricity produced with atom power.

  5. Hello, JO! Great shots of the windfarm and turbines. They are popping up everywhere. I am all for these huge turbines as long as they are not in the middle of a migration route for the birds. Have a happy day!

  6. that is a lot of homes, 69,000 for 10 turbines.. i have not seen any here. i think most of them are out west... i think for them to work there has to be flat spaces to let the wind get to them. here in Florida we are so crammed in they might not work... if it takes 10 to make 69,000 then think how many to furnish NY City, 8 million homes? yowsa... but they are good where they work.

  7. can't hide these puppies behind a wall of shrubs.

  8. Great sources of energy!


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