Saturday, September 17, 2016

Critters on our walk

Earlier this week, the dogs and I found ourselves on the golf course before the sun was up!

Farmstead lights across the golf course
No problem to my crazy Lab; into the dam for his early morning swim!
Shake yourself dry all over the old lady

The sun was rising as walked back up the fairway to the street. I noticed a few other people out and about...
The young aerobics instructor striding along on her early morning jog
And another two energetic local ladies
While I took photos, Skabenga found a delicious piece of moo-poo

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here



  1. Lovely to be out so early wiht the dogs onthe golf course Jo

  2. glad to know there are others humans out there with you... so Eddie prefers a shower over the tub. LOL

  3. Should I ask what moo-poo is?

    Sounds like something I try Sissy not to roll in.

  4. My Jo! You are up and about before the sun rises. I guess you have a lot of practice at that but I don't venture out before the sun rises, ever, lol. Good to see the local ladies venturing out for their morning constitutional too. The dogs look like they had a fabulous time running off excess energy. By the way, what is 'moo poo". I can hazard a guess but I hope it isn't that, lol.

  5. It seems that Skabenga loves water too, just like Charlie !


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