Friday, September 9, 2016

Sunrise this week

I'm linking to Skywatch Friday here

Regarding my fence post yesterday, I've had several mentions on the lethal-looking lower posts on the palisades:

These are called "doggy bars". They keep the dogs inside and I've not heard of dogs being injured on them.  We removed our doggy bars two years ago and inserted wooden slats for privacy. 

No problem to Eddie, our ancient Jack Russel: she merely dug UNDER the palisades and escaped! She always come back and sits at the electric motor gate until someone opens for her. Like Queen Tut! 

Eddie has fatty lumps on a hind leg. These are harmless enough but on one such escape, she hooked the lumps and subsequently licked the wound until it was raw. It cost us a trip to the vet; I assisted him (holding the comatose dog, while he operated) and we paid a pretty penny for the job!  

At another expense, Grant bought mesh wire, the gardeners, John and Jacob dug a half meter deep trench around our entire property. Grant sunk the wire,  John held it while Jacob tired the tops over on the horizontal palisade bars. Eddie has not managed to escape since! 

However, the dogs behind the bars in the photo above are obedient and larger, so I doubt whether they'd ever suffer the same fate as Eddie! Our ole doggy is just  one dog who loves to escape, run around in our quiet street (the odd vehicles passing by, know her well!) and then ask to be let into the yard again. These days she waits until a car is going out or coming into our yard and then slips out!



  1. Hello Jo, gorgeous sunrise photos. Love the cute dog too. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. I did not even see those lethal slats, I was so busy admiring my birthday presents I missed them. they do look lethal... glad you found a way to replace them and then use the wire... how is your poor kitties leg. these look dangerous for cats to

  3. Love the patterns of the wires in the sunset shots. You have a Houdini for a dog.

  4. Beautiful skies, and kind of eerie-looking with the power lines.


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