Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Building all coming together

I've not posted abotut the building project for the past ten days. I managed to get up to the site last Saturday and again this Sunday past.

The electric boxes were in when I went the first time. The roof trusses are above and looking sturdy. The walls have been plastered. 

Electric boxes are in

 The walls are plastered 
 Roof trusses sturdy and suppotive 

 Grant checking out of the back door
 There will be retaining walls for the banks 

On Sunday after I'd closed up the shop, we drove up to Caroline's  to meet her brother, Nick who'd come from Durban for the day. We clicked immediately with this school teacher who loves the outdoors. We sat and drank tea and ate carrot cake on Caroline's front veranda. 
 The view from the property - this will be our front view too, if we wish  
 Grant and Nick discuss where the outside door to Caroline's laundry will go. Caroline looks on.  I will access this room from the veranda to do my laundry 
 The hot water system which we call a geyser is installed at our cottage 
 The plumbing is installed
 The indoor outlet pipes are in; the electric cables are fitted 
 A nest of wires hanging from where the DB board will be installed 
 The electric cables are overhead and waiting to be connected 
There will be downlights and ceiling fans in the open plan area and in our bedroom 

Yesterday the windows were fitted and the sliding door is in. 

Next,  the ceilings will go in. The plumber will tile the shower and kitchen. 

When I next post, the floor will have been screeded; the walls will be painted. The laminated flooring will be fitted. 

As I write, the cabinet maker has the materials and will fit Caroline's kitchen with new cupboards. The cupboards he's removing from her kitchen will immediately be fitted into my kitchen. 

How long since the very first day when the TLB leveled the ground? 

Six weeks! 

It's all coming together very nicely! 

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  1. Wow! the building is coming along very quickly and looks so nice thus far. I am envious of your view. It is magnificent! I didn't realize Caroline was so young. Having already lived abroad and now returned to SA I had imagined her as part of the grey haired set ;-)

  2. The building is going to be lovely when it's finished. And what a view!

  3. Hello, the building is coming along great. I love the gorgeous view. I know you are looking forward to seeing it completed. Enjoy your day!

  4. Wow it grew ! I hope you can celebrate Christmas in your new house !!

  5. wow on all this work done in 6 weeks. I like the way the windows are long and high, to let in a lot of light but give wall space below for beds or furniture. and wooooohooooooo on a laundry. I am betting that will be your favorite part of the new home. sorry you have to move yet again but it will be worth it.

  6. Hi, Your new home is coming together really nicely. Love the view.. WOW...

    Take care --and hopefully, they will finish your home soon.


  7. Things are moving along well. You will be glad to move and and look at the view, wow. Take care Diane

  8. What a awesome view you are going to have. Soon you'll be there and that will be a wonderful feeling.

  9. Oops, another comment disappeared. Hope this one gets through. I enjoyed looking at the construction project both times.


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