Friday, January 26, 2018

Computer issues

Hi everyone;' I've been rather absent from Blogger this week and with good reason. 

On Tuesday evening with no warning suddenly certain keys didn't work on my laptop keyboard. When I googled it and also receiving links from my dear friend, Sandra, I found that Windows 10 updates can cause these issues. 

I checked all the relevant videos and followed the instructions but with no success! Eventually I closed up shop early yesterday and took my laptop through to Mo More Magic Computers in Estcourt, a town about 45km from my place of business. 

Mo was most complimentary about my laptop but also pointed out that it has an embedded keyboard. This meant that he couldn't remove the errant keyboard and replace it with a new one at a minimal cost. He suggested an external keyboard which is connected to the laptop with a USB cable. 

After removing all sorts of gremlins (Defender being one), and reactivating Windows for me, my laptop was good to go for another good while! Mo was also most generous towards me: for two hours work and the external keyboard, he charged me R100/US$8.62.
 This is now my new office setup 

Happy Friday to you all ! 


  1. so sorry this happened and glad you found someone to help and if you had that done here it would be at least 100 US dollars.. or more. that was a long trip to get it repaired but now your are BACK and that makes me happy

  2. Glad you got it all back working, but I would not have room for an external keyboard on my desk so I hope it does not happen to me!! Have a good weekend Diane

  3. Hello, I am happy to see your keyboard problem was solved. I am not happy with Windows 10 at all. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. Very good of him to help you get it all sorted out!

  5. Glad you were able to get your computer fixed and at such a phenomenal price ~

    Love all your beautiful critter photos below too!

    Happy Weekend,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Windows 10 updates can mess up lots of stuff. Glad you solved the problem. As Sandra said, here at least $100.

  7. I've had no problems with Windows 10 until I needed to change a part on my motherboard. I'm sorry you've had keyboard problems and glad to hear you received excellent help at minimal cost.

  8. Yes, windows 10 can be a PITA but glad your problem has been solved.
    Have a wonderful weekend Jo.


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