Tuesday, January 30, 2018

State vet at Cedarwood

As with several things in my house, last week I remembered that my pets were due for their rabies injections. Every year, Grant and I would buy the meds and syringes from the vet, bring them home and administer them ourselves. The dogs were reasonably easy: Grant would get hold of a scruff, I'd insert the needle and squeeze. Sometimes the dog would feel the prick but more often than not, as we let go, it would dash off across the lawn and run around in circles!

The cats are another different ball game;  Grant would grip the cat's neck, hold its body firmly under his arm and I would inject. Only to have a mad explosion as the cat felt the needle. Often with claws extended which always freaked Grant out! 

Then, because we have four cats, I'd grab a second one before it bolted (somehow they just KNOW), Grant would grip the scruff, body under his arm and I inject. 

This morning the state vet visited the area. There was a notice in our local Valley newspaper and also on Facebook. I was just wondering how I'd manage this year, even bringing the cats in cages to the center. when the neighbor's daughter, Jenna said she would collect innoculations from the vet, have the books stamped. She'd take the meds home and this evening, her dad will inject with her assisting him. 

The people  started arriving as soon as the vet opened his mobile clinic.

Soon Jenna arrived with three small dogs in her car. Because she was going to request meds for 27 dogs and cats (yes, that's not a typo - 27!) her mum suggested she take the little dogs along as proof that we actually do have dogs on the farm!
 Jenna counts the pets' medical passports - there are 27!

 Snookie on the right, belongs to Fran and Neil who own the supermarket near the caravan park. th eother little dog is owned by 82 year old Di WIlkenson who is the local postmistress and has her own business setting out pamphlets in all the businesses in the Valley and in Winterton. Di has decided I  When Di saw me, she bent down to her little dog (which she says is very old) and said: Benji, say hi to Jozie. I bent down and patted the dear old head!

 Frant's larger dogs were in the back of her vehicle. She opened it a crack and the vet injected both dogs through this gap!
 Jenna's dad's dog, Scooter, sniffed at my camera lens as I took a photo of her
 This feisty Scottish Terrier snapped at the vet as he inserted the needle into her neck! Typical Scottie!

As I watched from the veranda, my friend Lynette arrived with her cat - the only one to be brought for anti-rabies inoculations today! 

 Champ - the only cat on the block today!
Chanp and his mama, Lynette

So all that remains now, is for my four cats and big black dog to be injected this evening. An update to follow later! 

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  1. Champ is beautiful and i do hope the 27 shots goes well, be sure to let us know how it goes. this broguth back memories of my child hood. we lived in rural areas, and the mobile vet would come and park just like this and we would all take our pets for rabies shots. our Joey was big like Skabenga and did not like vets. one of us would get in the back seat and hold on to Joeys head with his butt towards the door, the vet would open the door, give the shot and close the door, almost like giving it through the window here.

  2. Hello, that is great that the vet come to the town with the rabies shots. I love all the cute dogs and kitty photos. Enjoy your day!

  3. Great idea to have the state vet inoculate. Hope that you have lots of help with your pets. Diane

  4. Hopefully it's not too chaotic. What cuties- especially Champ.

  5. Wow! It is a major pet event and so glad you had someone to help you this year ~ What a supportive group you have in your life ~ Great photos too!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. I loved the idea of a "mobile Vet"!!!
    If I had dogs, as before, I would certainly share this initiative here!
    Have a great week Jo

    <º(((< Bia

  7. I love the accessibility and efficiency of mobile clinics of various kinds. It's great that the vet came to you and that you had the help you needed to get the inoculations done. God is good. xx

  8. I could just tell these dogs were not very happy about being there. It probably didn't take long before they realized what's going on. I hope there were lots of treats available for them after the unhappy and not much fun event.
    Nice photos Jo
    Make sure you don't show the critters the photos, they will be appalled. :)

  9. Okay, third try commenting here. Sigh.
    I'm so glad there are people available to do the things you and Grant did by yourselves. And the mobile veterinary clinic is a wonderful idea.
    'Scooter' could be our Bonnie-Belinda's twin, with that brown nose and all that curiosity!
    Love and hugs from here,


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