Sunday, January 28, 2018

Unca Shadow in trouble

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and Mum's letting me tell you about something serious. 

Last week Uncle John from next door arrived to help Mum with a faulty switch board. He came into our house with his Jack Ruseel dog behind him. We kitties ran into the bedroom although the JR didn't even take notice of us. 

Unca Shadow  and I saw that the dog wasn't a problem and wandered out onto the veranda. And there came face to face with the Staffie from next door. I dashed across the lawn and up a tree in our garden. This dog chased after Unca Shadow and chased him up the wire fence and over it. Unca Shadow ran across the road to the next door house and clawed his way up a B E E G tree. 

I was still clinging to the tree in our garden and could see everything from high up. Mum ran over to the next door house and tried to call Unca Shadow down. But he just climbed higher and higher. There were many dogs in the next door house and all barking up at the tree. They were behind a fence so couldn't have got to Unca Shadow. But I don't think he knew this.The young ladies from next door  sprayed their dogs with water which made them run away but come back again to see the cat in the tree! 

Mum came home and called me down. I was very afraid as cats don't easily do trees downwards. I later got down and went into the house where Mum grabbed me and hugged me. But Unca Shadow was sitting on a branch high up in the other tree.  

Unca Shadow high up on a branch
 Mum said I should add these photos to show how high the tree is

Unca Shadow got up on the tank platform and then into the tree 

Mum tried and tried to call Unca Shadow all night but everytime she knocked on Shadow's food bowl, the dogs next door would start to bark. Of course, we kitties could've told Mum that no self-respecting cat will come down while there are dogs below.  

Unca Shadow stayed in the tree all night although it rained hard. The next morning when it got light. Mum was out there calling Unca Shadow quietly so as not to alert the dogs. But they heard her, and set up a noisy barking session. Unca Shadowe just looked down at her.

I think she went off to work feeling very sad at leaving Unca Shadow in the tree. But she left a bathroom window open which is far away from where the dogs are. Aunty Ronnie told her that it's very quiet during the day (we could tell her that too!) and she was sure that Shadow would come down on his own. 

At work Mum spoke to a policeman in the nearby town about the problem. He said if she got home and the cat was still in the tree, he would send a fire truck with ladders. 

When Mum got home though, she was so pleased to find Unca Shadow in the bathroom. She opened the door and he came into the house where we kitties were very glad to see him! 

He and I are taking a long time to relax. We heard Mum tell Aunty Ronnie, if Uncle John comes in here again to help her, she will make sure the gate is closed and the black cat-chasing dog can't come in. 

Even I remember that this isn't the first time Unca Shadow has been chased up a tree by dogs. It happened to him when we lived in a F A A A R place long ago. Mum has had to help me by putting the link here below if you want to read about it here

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  1. Aw you poor cats, esp. Unca Shadow who was high in a tree during the rain. I'm glad everything worked out and you are all now indoors and away from the big dogs. xx

  2. Wow Ambose that was a scary story. I'm so glad that you are all safe now. It must have been a worrying time for you mum.

  3. I can feel with you we had the same with Arthur only he was a kitten and had climbed high up in the weeping willow tree, in the middle of the night. We woke up the whole neighborhood especially Mr. G with his opera voice. Then with a ladder he climbed up and when he had reached Arthur, Arthur climbed down without any problem and sat besides my feet. We both looked up to Mr. G. still sitting in the tree ! But what a worry now it sounds funny !

  4. poor Uncle Shadow and poor mom... I know this was so stressful for feline and human, It scares me and i was not there. that is one BIG but beautiful tree. i have often wondered why cats climb up a tree but will not come down. good to know the fire truck would help if needed.

  5. Wow what an adventure Unca Shadow had! Good to know all ended well!


  6. Hello, what a scary story. Some dogs just have a big bark. That is a tall tree! I am so happy everyone is ok and safe in the home. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!

  7. Poor Shadow! I think he must have been happy to get indoors and take a long nap.

  8. Unca Shadow was frightened and glad there was a big big tree nearby. Mum has her eyes on the problem and is far removed from the dangerous JR. So much for a peaceful day.


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