Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Three months

Today it's three months since Grant's been gone.

As you can imagine, life changed 360 ° for me. 

Once the funeral at the end of November and the memorial service the next day was over, for me, it was business as usual . I returned to work at the beginning of December and in retrospect I realize it was the best thing I could've done. 

Grant was well-known here in the center where I run an art and gift shop. I can't tell you how the community has supported me, starting with the people whom I see for eight hours a day. My friends on the veranda (as we refer to each other) are a different set from the friends I know in the valley, through Probus, through the walking club and through Parkrun.  These again, have popped in from the first to say hello, sometimes to buy a gift or a tub of the immune booster health product which I sell or to bring me a treat! A local farmer and his son, who got to know Grant through Probus, bring me vegetables in season from their crops. 

In between, regular as clockwork, John or Debbie and the children call in and spend time with me. How blessed is that! 

On the personal front, I'm coping. 

I have to. I now have to do everything myself.

Grant used to love to run errands for me especially when it involved driving around. Now I have do the grocery shop myself;  I had to license my car on my own last week; I have to get to the bank to draw money on my own. But as my friend, Jenny said this morning when she and Ant popped in after their hike with the walking club, it's all character-building. 

Knowing Grant for 50 years and living with him for almost all that time, we thought the same; we both loved the outdoors; we birded for many years together while living in Africa and we loved to tour South Africa and neighboring countries on the motorbike. I often catch myself thinking "when Grant comes in from his building project, I'll tell him..."

As I mentioned on my birthday, I had several firsts over the past months. But by the grace of God, I've got through them. I have one more left...

Another thing, with the digital age we live in today, I have literally hundreds of photos of Grant taken over the years. I even came across a video of him while in Tanzania. So he'll live on forever in my heart and my mind.

 Grant with Alan (left) and Ant on the right while on a hike in the mountains last February

Thanks to all my blog friends for the love and support I've received from you;  via blogger, via Facebook and through e-mails. You've been patient when I can't - due to time constraints - always comment on your posts and for this I'm very grateful. 

With this very different world that I live in now, I am linking my post to Our World Tuesday here

A great day to you all!  


  1. Your world has definitely changed, and you are coping so very well. What a blessing to have so many friends from different parts of your life to support you. you already know how i feel about you, and that I pray for you and love you...

  2. Thank goodness for photos, my mother kept many photos before digital and I have my whole life in photos and of course now Nigel's as well. Memories never go away. Take care Diane

  3. Jo I can imagine how much you miss Grant, that's a very long time to share your life with someone. I'm happy that you are surrounded by family and friends who are like family, but it will be the quiet times when you are alone that must be the hardest, it's only been such a short time. Sending lots of hugs from Perth xox

  4. Dearest Jo, you've done amazingly well my friend. I'm very proud of you and I know Grant is smiling on you too. It was best that you get back to work and carry on because it gave you a purpose and a routine to your days as well as the lovely friends and family that have come by to offer support. Hugs and prayers.

  5. Hello, I agree going back to work does help you. I can only imagine how much you miss Grant, you were together many happy years. It is wonderful you have so many friends and your family nearby for support. Love the photo! Sending hugs!

  6. With grief, the firsts are always rough to get through.

  7. Not easy becoming single after being a partner but you are blessed with lots of support and photos are a mixed blessing ~so glad you have your work ~ lots of healing hugs to you ~ XXX

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Hi Jo,
    I'm really glad that you have such wonderful friends and family that stop by and surround you with their love. The photos and memories will bring some comfort to you I'm sure and those are priceless.
    Take care my friend.

  9. Hello Jo, today is my first visit to your blog. My heart feels for you. It sounds like you are surrounded by people who care for you, that's great. Big hugs with much love to you.

  10. You had so many years with Grant, I can relate to that because I lived with my husband Will for 47 years until his sudden death 15 months ago. I think when people say this is the new normal they are right, it can never be the same. Thanks goodness for friends and family. I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about Africa.

  11. Great entry Jo- you are amazing & just love that you have so many friends' surrounding you! You & Grant have always had amazing friends'. Lots of love your longing & loving sister Rose xx

  12. You are an amazing woman. Glad so many in your neighborhood realize that. Hugs to you.

  13. Three months already how time flies by ! I am back from Egypt and it's very cold - 6°C fortunately I escaped the cold wave apparently we had until - 10 !! While I enjoyed my 30° in Egypt. Sad now to be back, but there is nothing to do. The cats behaved as if I hadn't been away !


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